Saturday, October 29, 2011

DAY 32: Defending human life


Dear Deacon,

As I write this message, I'm meeting with pro-lifers
in Calgary, Alberta. I was invited here to speak at
a conference focusing on the culture. It's called
Life 2011.

This fall, there are a record sixteen 40 Days for Life
campaigns going on throughout Canada.

Since I'm currently outside the United States, let's
take a quick look at what's happening in two NEW
international campaigns -- Argentina and Germany --
as well as here in Canada.


"Everything is going great here," writes Gabriela in
Rosario. "We have over 400 people praying and fasting.
They receive daily prayers and reflections -- most of
them translated into Spanish from the 40 Days for Life

She's received countless messages from people who are
taking part in the campaign. "Many have said this
initiative has arrived as a blessing in our country."

Gabriela said the vigil is working out well so far in
this first-ever campaign in Argentina. "Many people in
Rosario are getting to know that there is a group of
citizens that defend human life from the moment of

As part of the community outreach, they have organized
a couple of talks, inviting well-known professionals
to speak about medical and legal aspects of abortion.

"You can't imagine the positive impact 40 Days for Life
is making, not only in Argentina but in many Latin
American countries," said Gabriela, noting that she has
received inquiries from people in other nations.

To see pictures of the Rosario campaign, please go to:



Praying in front of an abortion center, said Tori in
Germany, "was a wonderful witness and a couple of
people passing by actually nodded their heads in the
affirmative and smiled."

The group took part in a pro-life march earlier this
month. "There were a lot of people on the street and
shopping in the city looking at our signs and amazed
at how many young teenagers were marching. You could
see the other young people on the street -- taking
notice of the young people who are openly showing
their solidarity to the innocent babies losing their
lives through abortion."

Tori said the team is reminding people, "The Lord will
provide; be not afraid. This is the message we want to
relay to anyone facing a crisis pregnancy situation."


The first 40 Days for Life campaign in British
Columbia's largest city is seen by the local leadership
team as "a landmark event."

They've sent along a few pictures of their vigil, which
is taking place in front of the BC Women’s Health Centre,
"night or day, rain or shine." That's exactly what the
pictures show -- groups from several churches in the
Vancouver area, often carrying umbrellas.

They DID have a sunny day for their midpoint event,
and were appreciative of the big crowd that turned out
to support the 40 Days for Life campaign.

To see pictures of the Vancouver events, please go to:


Today's devotional is from Rev. John Ensor of
Heartbeat International.


As we pray for the end of abortion, let us pray for
the expansion of the pregnancy help center movement


The dragon stood before the woman who was about to
give birth, so that when she bore her child he might
devour it. She gave birth to a male child, one who is
to rule all the nations with a rod of iron, but her
child was caught up to God and to his throne.

-- Revelation 12:4-5

REFLECTION by Rev. John Ensor, Heartbeat International

You don't need to be a theological scholar to get the
essential point of Revelation 12. Something BIG is
afoot. It has something to do with the birth of Christ
and the children of God.

It involves a war in heaven, with powers and
principalities beyond our expertise. But the battles
are fought here on earth.

The crux of the matter centers around the babe of
Bethlehem and the cross of Calvary.

It continues to unfold down through the ages, through
us, the children of God, who put their faith in Christ
and take up their cross and follow him.

We are waging a war of love against all things that
destroy body and soul.

The intensity waxes and wanes, but like labor pains,
they grow and culminate in new life.

The unleashing of legal abortion nearly 40 years ago
stirred up prayer (lamentation really). Many were then
led to start pregnancy help centers and maternity homes.

Today there are over 3,000 such ministries that did not
exist 40 years ago.

They reflect a movement of God on our watch: Christians
driven to give their time and charity to end abortion
one woman at a time.

Let's pray this movement expands worldwide. Let's pray
for thousands more Christians to start, serve and
support pregnancy help centers.


O God, from generation to generation, you have called
your people to be the very aroma of life amidst a
culture of death. Now it is our turn. Prepare me.
Send me. Use me. I am eager to do my part. Stir your
people everywhere to take up this great work.


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Yours for Life,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

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