Friday, October 21, 2011

News from the Trenches:

Published: October 21, 2011

“They made very loud growling noises”

Baby saved from abortion at Planned Parenthood in El Cajon, Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News from the Trenches

(The following came to California Catholic Daily via email. It is a letter from a parishioner named Rosemary to Fr. Brian Hayes, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego. In it, Rosemary recounts her first experience as a sidewalk counselor.)

I have been praying hard for a job and I was thinking I need to make some sacrifices. Wednesday I picked up a flyer at the back of our parish -- Holy Trinity -- called 40 Days for Life. I went over to the Planned Parenthood, where they do abortions on Main Street. I was the only one there, but decided to pray three Rosaries.

I moved into the shade in the parking lot since it was an unusually hot day. Three Hispanic women workers from PP passed me, saying under their breath: "She has no right to be in the parking lot. I will telephone the police and have her removed." I greeted them cordially. One woman employee appeared 9 months pregnant and appeared sad.

I had my Rosary in my hand. Immediately a car drove into the parking lot and parked beside me. Inside were four Hispanic women, with a 1-year-old baby. While the Planned Parenthood employees were ascending the outdoor stairwell, they made very loud growling noises as if to keep me from speaking to the family in the car, but it didn't distract the Hispanic women. I showed the three adult daughters and their mom my Rosary and 40 Days Flyer, and briefly told them: "I am here praying for everyone who comes to Planned Parenthood."

The mother couldn't speak English so I used all of my Spanish, with some English mixed in. I admired the 1-year-old baby, "N," and we exchanged names. The mother's name was "R." The daughter, "E," 19 years old, said she was 18 weeks pregnant. I asked if she needed help and later asked was she was considering abortion. There was SILENCE. I mentioned the terrible side effects of abortion. They were all sad and the pregnant woman "E," said," I have no medical benefits."

I took "E," the pregnant woman, and her Mom, "R," to the Culture of Life Center, where she received emergency Medi-Cal and made a future appointment. On the drive home the daughter said, "God must have brought you into our lives today..." I asked, "Would you like to pray?" We prayed together in Spanish Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

I asked, "Do you go to church?" The answer was No. But the mother said, " When I am in Tijuana I go." I told them that in my church 80% speak Spanish and it is near their house. I asked ,"Would you like to visit my church?" "E" said she had never been in a Catholic Church before. I brought them up to the altar and told "E" that Jesus lives in the tabernacle. We all prayed silently. The mom and daughter remained praying by themselves at the altar for what seemed a long time.

Later I showed them the Our Lady of Guadalupe picture. They recognized Our Lady and mentioned the annual celebration in TJ. I told them they are welcome to come and pray whenever they want. Then I drove them to their apartment and told them they could call me any time.

This was a first for me. I feel blessed. Now I feel more confident about everything in my life. Just a simple act of charity and I was the recipient of so much peace and joy! I hope to try this again.

-- Rosemary