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Friday, October 21, 2011

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• Herman Cain in New Interview: Abortion Should Not be Legal

• Obama Admin Hides Public Comments Against Obamacare Mandate

National Right to Life: Herman Cain is Fully Pro-Life
• Sebelius Admin Destroyed Records in Case Against Planned Parenthood

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• Planned Parenthood, Indiana Battle in Court Over Tax Funding
• Status of Chinese Forced Abortion Opponent Still Unknown
• 7 Billion People: What Population Control Advocates Don t Say
• Planned Parenthood Security Guard Assaults Police Officer
• Planned Parenthood Slams Pregnancy Centers While Misleading Women
• Wisconsin Senate OKs Bill to Not Fund Abortions in Obamacare
• Man Nearly Starved to Death Like Terri Schiavo Now Responsive

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Herman Cain in New Interview: Abortion Should Not be Legal
Herman Cain has given a new interview in which he explains his pro-life views on abortion and gives some insight as to why he made some pro-choice sounding comments in a CNN interview this week.

As reported, Cain gave an interview to CNN on Wednesday in which he used typical pro-choice language about government not making abortion decisions for women that applied, depending on the listener, to either abortions in the case of rape and incest or abortion policy in general. Either way, pro-life advocates have been disappointed following the comments and they have called on Cain to clarify the comments which he did in a short message on twitter later in the day saying he is 100% pro-life.

Cain, later Thursday, released a statement saying he is fully pro-life, saying he will appoint the kind of judges who would be inclined to consider reversing Roe v. Wade, and adding that he opposes taxpayer funding of abortions or the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

Now, the Georgia businessman and GOP presidential hopeful says in a new interview with Fox News that abortions should be illegal, and he explained why he gave the answer he did to Piers Morgan on CNN.

Obama Admin Hides Public Comments Against Obamacare Mandate
The Obama administration today is coming under fire from pro-life advocates who submitted tens of thousands of public comments opposing a new mandate that would force insurance companies to cover birth control, contraception and drugs that may cause abortions.

The administration has initially approved a recommendation from the Institute of Medicine suggesting that it force insurance companies to pay for birth control and drugs that can cause abortions under the Obamacare government-run health care program.

The IOM recommendation, opposed by pro-life groups, called for the Obama administration to require insurance programs to include birth control such as the morning after pill or the ella drug that causes an abortion days after conception in the section of drugs and services insurance plans must cover under preventative care. The companies will likely pass the added costs on to consumers, requiring them to pay for birth control and, in some instances, drug-induced abortions of unborn children in their earliest days.

Several leading pro-life groups including the Family Research Council and the nation s Catholic bishops, among others had led the charge to urge pro-life Americans to speak out against the recommendation, the mandate to force coverage and the lack of conscience protections of religious groups that don t want to be forced to purchase insurance coverage with those objectionable provisions to send comments to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Even though tens of thousands of pro-life Americans have done so, Jeanne Monahan of FRC says the Obama administration is not making those comments public, as promised.

National Right to Life: Herman Cain is Fully Pro-Life
The National Right to Life Committee is today vouching for Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain s bona fides, saying the businessman who is considered by many to be the current GOP frontrunner is pro-life.

NRLC s comments come after a 48-hour period during which Cain has confused pro-life voters where he stands by first using seemingly pro-abortion language saying government should have no involvement before finally clarifying he is pro-life and saying he wants abortions illegal.

Herman Cain s pro-life, David O Steen, executive director of the National Right to Life Committee, told National Review. He addressed our convention last June. We are quite confident in his pro-life position. When he ran in the primary for senate some years back he ran as a pro-life candidate then in Georgia. We ve known of him for a number of years, and he s always taken a pro-life position.

At that event, Cain, the former businessman and candidate, said the Founding fathers got it right including the right to life from conception.

Don t infringe on the rights of somebody else and that includes the unborn, Cain said of what the Constitution requires.

Sebelius Admin Destroyed Records in Case Against Planned Parenthood
Another layer to the depth of the Sebelius abortion corruption has been revealed with today s AP report that Kansas health department (KDHE) in 2005 destroyed the state late-term abortion reports at the heart of the felony charges against Planned Parenthood.

The pre-trial hearing for felony false-writing charges had been scheduled for Monday Oct. 24, Since the original reports have now been discovered as destroyed, the Johnson County District attorney s office had asked for a delay so they could engage other witnesses to verify the authenticity of copies of the state reports.

The state reports are verifications that abortionists send to KDHE for statistical purposes, and are annually tabulated and published. Copies of those reports are required to be kept in the patient medical files. Of crucial importance is that these reports fail to provide valid medical reasons that banned post-viability abortions were performed. They are evidence of illegal abortion.

KFL Executive Director, Mary Kay Culp, said, Only guilty people destroy evidence; not even we anticipated Sebelius and her administration could stoop this low to protect abortion industry criminality, but this proves they did. Sebelius wanted to insure that evidence of illegal abortions was removed before Kline could use it to convict her abortion industry campaign supporters. We truly can t find words to adequately convey how outrageous this is. We are especially incredulous given that Sebelius Health department testified about these reports in Johnson County court in 2008 without once mentioning that the reports had been destroyed! It s all so unbelievable, and yet, given the players, so very believable indeed!

Planned Parenthood, Indiana Battle in Court Over Tax Funding
Indiana officials and Planned Parenthood did battle in a federal appeals court yesterday over whether taxpayers in the Hoosier State should be required to fund the abortion business.

After the Indiana affiliate of the abortion business refused to stop doing abortions in order to get state taxpayer funding that Indiana officials want to cut off, its attorneys defended their lawsuit to overturn the new law de-funding Planned Parenthood before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, which held oral arguments yesterday. Attorneys for Indiana hoped to convince the court to let the law stay in effect while the full lawsuit against it continues.

The state asked a three-judge panel to overturn the temporary injunction a federal judge put in place and it is unclear when the panel will deliver its decision. The law cuts out $1.3 million in taxpayer funding to the abortion giant, which does more abortions than any other organization.

Planned Parenthood lawyers attempted to make the case that the law runs afoul of federal Medicaid law, which it claims forbids states to arbitrarily determine the end recipients for family planning dollars under the Title X program. However, the state says the law requires it to find qualified providers and says dozens of other options exist for providing the federal funding through the state to businesses that don t also do abortions.

Status of Chinese Forced Abortion Opponent Still Unknown
The status of whether Chen Guangcheng, the blind attorney who is the leading opponent of forced abortions in China, is dead or alive is still unknown. But one human rights activist says the pressure China has faced since the initial reports is paying dividends.

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women s Rights Without Frontiers, informed LifeNews on October 7 that ominous reports regarding blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng had emerged and, according to Radio Free Asia, Chinese authorities detained a group of at least nine human rights activists trying to visit Chen. Many members of the group were cut off from communication and, according to a report by Canyu, Shandong authorities shot at these activists. Voice of America reports that villagers told it Chen is dead already, but the media outlet is attempting to verify that claim.

We are alarmed at the report that villagers are saying that Chen is already dead, Littlejohn told LifeNews. If Chen is dead, then the Chinese Communist Party is fully responsible for killing him through torture, denial of medical treatment and slow starvation. If Chen is alive, we urgently demand that he and his family be released immediately and unconditionally, for medical evaluation and treatment.

Yesterday, Littlejohn said Chen s status is still uncertain.

We have received some ominous reports that Chen may no longer be alive. We hope that this is not true, although these reports certainly communicate the seriousness of Chen s situation, she said.

7 Billion People: What Population Control Advocates Don t Say
International population advocates and their allies in the media have decided that October 31, 2011 is the day that the world s population will reach 7 billion. How convenient for them; they get to play off the day dedicated to spooky tales with a spooky tale of their own.

Over the weekend, some version of the Associated Press (AP) article World Population Nearing 7 Billion ended up in most major newspapers. Here s the gist of the article: Women and their families living in poverty, not enough food, water, or access to education all because they have too many children. The intended message? The world is going to collapse under the weight of its burgeoning population unless something is done.

United Families International has been contacted by several individuals asking for a rebuttal to this claim. So we decided to share some thoughts on the topic.

Is the world s population spiraling out of control?

No, global fertility rates are half of what they were in 1970 and are continuing downward. The number of children the average woman has during her childbearing years fell from five in the mid-1960?s to 2.7 today. With the exception of some sub-sarahan nations such as Niger, Yemen and Uganda, fertility rates have fallen rather dramatically around the world. (UN, World Population Report, 2010) By 2020, for the first time, the global fertility rate will dip below the global replacement rate of 2.1.

Planned Parenthood Security Guard Assaults Police Officer
A Planned Parenthood abortion business security guard assaulted a police officer at a Planned Parenthood event on Wednesday where pro-life advocates were protesting.

Planned Parenthood Slams Pregnancy Centers While Misleading Women
Oh dear, Planned Parenthood s getting laughable again. Tell me, can an organization be defunded on the grounds that they re a national embarrassment?.

Wisconsin Senate OKs Bill to Not Fund Abortions in Obamacare
The Wisconsin state Senate on Thursday voted for legislation that would make it so the state opts out of the taxpayer funding of abortions found in the Obamacare legislation. The bill now heads to the state Assembly, which is expected to approve the pro-life measure and send it to the governor.

Man Nearly Starved to Death Like Terri Schiavo Now Responsive
A 55-year-old Maryland man who became temporarily unconscious after suffering a heart attack and a seizure has been saved from being starved to death like Terri Schiavo after an Alliance Defense Fund-allied attorney obtained an order in state court on behalf of the man s mother and brother.


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