Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Operation Rescue:

Sordid History of Abortionist Karpen Should Be Considered By TX Medical Board

October 26, 2011  


Austin, TX - When the Texas Medical Board considers the cases of five abortionists this Friday, one of those who is scheduled to make an appearance is Douglas A. Karpen. His history deserves a closer look.


The complaint against Karpen is based on two recordings made by women who had scheduled abortions at Northpark Medical Group in Dallas, Texas, at a time when Karpen was employed there. The calls, made Feb. 11, and Feb. 24, 2011, were identical recordings. There was no physician on the call to answer questions. This represents a violation of the State mandated informed consent law.


Certainly women entertaining such a serious and final decision as abortion should be allowed to ask questions and be as informed as possible. That is the law. Karpen's disregard for the informed consent law betrays a disregard for the women that come to him for medical care.


If this was the only incident in Karpen's career, it would still be a serious infraction of the law. But sadly, Karpen has a long and sorted history of disregard for women's informed consent and for the safety of his patients that the Medical Board is being asked to take into consideration when deciding what discipline Karpen should receive.


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