Monday, June 18, 2012

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Monday, June 18, 2012
Caravan for Life: A pilgrimage of hope for the Philippines
By Rev. Deogracias Aurelio V. Camon, MA
Celebrate Life
The Republic of the Philippines is experiencing tensions that threaten to deeply divide the people of this Catholic country. The Church's hierarchy views the "reproductive health" (RH) bill currently in the country's House of Representatives as detrimental to the health and morals of Filipinos, and a serious violation of the Church's teachings.
The RH bill aims to reduce the size of Filipino families by forcing couples to receive RH indoctrination before obtaining a marriage license and would promote all forms of contraception and sterilization, mandate permissive sex education for children, violate conscience rights, and impose prison sentences and/or large fines on any health care provider that doesn't comply with it, as well as opponents who disseminate "malicious" information about the bill. 

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A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is well known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures and words asking people to "pray to end abortion," was fire bombed on Friday night. The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage. It has been speculated that this bombing of a pro-life Christian school bus is in retaliation for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill that is located not far from where the school bus was attacked.  

Federal judge dismisses abortion clinic's lawsuit against pro-life group for video parody
In January 2011 the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform posted what it called "the most shocking 4-minute abortion debate you will ever see." CBR juxtaposed a video produced by Northland Family Planning Centers touting "the goodness" of abortion with video cuts showing the reality of abortion. Northland is a late-term abortion chain of 3 mills in Michigan that aborts babies up to 24 weeks old. CBR merely showed what those abortions look like. But Northland did not appreciate CBR's unauthorized use of its video and sued, going so far as to hire high-powered Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett, the largest intellectual property law firm in the United States, to represent its case. Last Friday Judge James Selna, of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Santa Ana) dismissed Northland's lawsuit, ruling in favor of CBR, which was represented by the American Freedom Law Center.  

National Catholic Register
In a striking reversal with unpredictable political consequences, President Barack Obama's most powerful ally in his fight with the U.S. bishops over the contraception mandate has reversed herself. In a five-page letter to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, dated June 15, Sister Carol Keehan, the president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association (CHA), registered her opposition to the federal law requiring co-pay-free contraception, abortion drugs and sterilization for all private employer health plans. "The more we learn, the more it appears that the ... approaches for both insured and self-insured plans would be unduly cumbersome and would be unlikely to adequately meet the religious-liberty concerns of all of our members and other Church ministries," stated the letter, which was signed by Sister Carol and two other CHA board members.