Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reason #6 to defeat Barack Obama

Unborn Babies Who Can Feel Pain

Science gives us compelling evidence that by at least the midpoint in pregnancy, an unborn baby can feel pain – excruciating pain if he or she is torn apart in an abortion

Everyone would support humane laws against late abortions, right?  Tragically, not Barack Obama.  Obama continues to support late abortions.  Even this month, he came out against a ban on sex-selection abortions, which typically occur later in pregnancy, after the sex of the baby has been determined.

Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president our nation has ever known.  He has turned his back on babies threatened by partial-birth abortionsex-selection abortion, on babies who are born alive after an abortion.  Many of the victims of these types of abortion are old enough to feel pain

Unfortunately, most Americans do not know this.  Obama’s friends in the media are more than happy to cover up his most extreme policies to help him win re-election.  But with your support, the National Right to Life Victory Fund can get the word out to millions of Americans – Americans who vote and hold the future of unborn children in their hands. 

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