Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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‘Get over it’: children of anonymous sperm donors met with hostility, ridicule, say activists

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jun 19 18:09 EST Bioethics

Instead of meeting compassion, many children who disagree with how they were conceived say that society treats their pain with a dismissive or even hostile attitude.

Pennsylvania ‘House of Horrors’ law closes one abortion clinic, five others stop surgical abortions

Operation Rescue staff Tue Jun 19 14:14 EST Abortion

Out of Pennsylvania’s 22 abortion clinics, only one met all requirements and received a full license.

Michele Bachmann: Washington is taking notice of HHS mandate backlash (exclusive)

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jun 19 14:14 EST Abortion

"This isn’t invisible at all. This is known very well by lawmakers all across - on both sides of the aisle," said Bachmann.

Pro-abortion politicians read obscene play The Vagina Monologues on steps of the state Capitol

Ben Johnson Tue Jun 19 16:56 EST Abortion

“The Vagina Monologues” celebrates the molestation of a minor by an adult lesbian.

Giant box of birth control pills to stalk Mitt Romney on the campaign trail

Ben Johnson Tue Jun 19 15:46 EST Contraception

Planned Parenthood's “Pillamina” will attend Romney's campaign events on behalf of the abortion giant.

Meet Pillamina.

New Hampshire gov. vetoes partial birth abortion ban, Michigan protects conscience on campus….more

Ben Johnson Tue Jun 19 14:14 EST Abortion

A state legislative round-up.

Missouri high school backs down from ban on pro-life posters

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jun 19 14:14 EST Freedom

Dixon High School threw out pro-life materials but promoted the Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network's "Day of Silence."

The tale of two Catholic universities, and Obamacare

Daniel Kuebler Tue Jun 19 16:59 EST Opinion

Two Catholic universities’ decisions to drop student health-care plans show Obamacare’s long-term goal: Force Americans to choose government-subsidized plans over no insurance at all.

New Zealand abortion rate lowest since 1995

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Jun 19 16:05 EST Abortion

"The lower abortion statistics for 2011 is good news for mothers and their unborn children," said Ken Orr, a spokesman for Right to Life New Zealand.

The cultural wars continue: a Catholic perspective

Rev. John A. Leies, S.M. Tue Jun 19 14:14 EST Opinion

The cultural wars will continue. It would be a tragedy if Catholics in the United States sided with the wrong army.

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