Friday, June 15, 2012

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

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* Do men have a place on the New Abortion Caravan? - Jonathon van Maren
* Swiss to vote on whether to allow assisted suicide groups in nursing homes - Alex Schadenberg
* Political conservatives? A vanished species in Canada - Steve Jalsevac

‘Obama, condemn forced abortion!’ challenges pro-life group amid China photo uproar

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Jun 14 15:08 EST Abortion

“President Obama must immediately condemn China’s routine violations of the dignity of women and children and cut off U.S. taxpayer funding of the UNFPA," said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

Voters to decide on definition of marriage in Washington state after signatures approved

Kathleen Gilbert Thu Jun 14 10:30 EST Homosexuality

The state's new marriage redefinition law will be put on hold until the voters decide.

Gruesome photos of forced abortion in China confirmed authentic: Chinese express outrage

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Thu Jun 14 09:22 EST Abortion

"There is no essential difference between our society" and the "slaughter in Iraq, Libya, Syria...Auschwitz" or "the Japanese gas chambers," wrote one Chinese blogger.

Democrat candidate calls for post-abortive women to stand for applause at conference

Christine Dhanagom Thu Jun 14 17:04 EST Abortion

"[I]f you're a woman in this room who has had an abortion and is willing to come out about it, please stand up,” Burner exhorted her listeners.

All demographic groups except ‘non-religious’ now more pro-life: Gallup poll

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Jun 14 15:59 EST Abortion

Men, women, all age groups, in all regions, people of all educational levels, and all Christians, have all become more pro-life by between 2 and 10 percentage points.

Self-professed ‘pro-life’ Democrat criticizes pro-life Republican at Planned Parenthood

Ben Johnson Thu Jun 14 15:43 EST Abortion

Indiana gubernatorial candidate John Gregg is upset Mike Pence wants to defund the abortion industry and opposes "safe-sex" outside marriage.

John Gregg.

15 federal Conservatives who helped Canadian ‘transsexual’ bill pass 2nd reading

Peter Baklinski Thu Jun 14 20:04 EST Faith

The bill passed June 6 by a vote of 150 to 132 and would not have passed had the Conservatives voted the other way.

Ontario passes bill adding ‘gender identity,’ ‘gender expression’ to Human Rights Code

Peter Baklinski Thu Jun 14 17:53 EST Homosexuality

The bill’s sponsors say that its passage will open the door to “social change” in Canada.

Quebec announces it is exploring ways to allow euthanasia despite federal law

John-Henry Westen Thu Jun 14 16:09 EST Euthanasia

The government is creating a committee of legal experts to examine how euthanasia and assisted suicide could be allowed in Quebec.

Infanticide and bestiality advocate given Australia’s highest civic award

Patrick B. Craine Thu Jun 14 13:16 EST Bioethics

Notorious infanticide and bestiality-promoting ‘ethicist’ Peter Singer was made a Companion of the Order of Australia this week, sparking strong criticism by pro-life advocates, ethicists, and columnists.

500,000+ signatures opposing gay ‘marriage’ presented to UK prime minister, Home Office

John Jalsevac Thu Jun 14 10:45 EST Homosexuality

The petition, one of the largest in the history of Parliament, was presented by recently married couple Rhys and Esther Curnow, both 23.

Jamaican officials worried about dangerous black market chemical abortions

Ben Johnson Thu Jun 14 10:08 EST Abortion

The pills, which can cause the uterus to burst, fetch $15,000 on the black market.

C.S. Lewis and how the acceptance of gay sex leads to the eradication of friendship

Patrick B. Craine Thu Jun 14 07:49 EST Homosexuality

One of the tragedies of our culture, in its vigorous acceptance of the homosexual agenda, is the corrosion of a true understanding of friendship.

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