Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Gay activists threaten to challenge Catholic doctrine in court if schools don’t follow Bill 13

Peter Baklinski Tue Jun 12 13:16 EST Faith

“I think Canada is ready for this kind of discussion, to start looking at the limits of religious freedom,” said one homosexual activist.

Report: Chinese woman forcibly aborted at seven months (warning: extremely graphic)

John Jalsevac Tue Jun 12 10:45 EST Abortion

64Tiangwang’s report was accompanied by a graphic photograph of the alleged victim of the abortion on a hospital bed, with her dead child next to her.

Former abortion workers share their stories as Abby Johnson launches new pro-life ministry

Ben Johnson Tue Jun 12 07:29 EST Abortion

“We don't ever want money to be a reason that someone feels like they need to stay inside the abortion industry,” Abby Johnson said.

Former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson.

Top networks ignore massive religious freedom rallies across U.S.

Matthew Balan Tue Jun 12 17:58 EST Abortion

ABC, CBS, and NBC stayed true to their liberal slant and ignored the 164 rallies across the United States on Friday against the federal government's abortifacient/birth control mandate under ObamaCare.

NYC officials sued for banning ‘God Bless the USA’ from kindergarten event

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Jun 12 15:36 EST Faith

Principal Greta Hawkins in Brooklyn pulled Lee Greenwood's patriotic ballad saying the song could end up "offending other cultures."

Planned Parenthood leading opponent of religious liberty initiative in North Dakota

Ben Johnson Tue Jun 12 13:06 EST Faith

According to reports, the abortion industry has provided $650,000 of the $700,000 campaign opposing Measure 3.

Loads of porn on Wikipedia warns co-founder

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jun 12 08:43 EST Family

With over 65 million visitors per month, Wikipedia has been established worldwide as a leading information resource. But is its popularity actually due to its historical and scientific data?

No one has the power to redefine marriage

Ned Piedmont Tue Jun 12 17:32 EST Opinion

Marriage is what it is and nothing else. It transcends all nations and societies.

UK homosexuals largely uninterested in gay ‘marriage’: poll

Calvin Freiburger Tue Jun 12 16:33 EST Homosexuality

Just half of gays and lesbians in the UK consider it important to extend marriage to same-sex couples, while only 27% say they would marry their partner if they could.

Church of England lambasts gay ‘marriage’ legislation as ‘deeply unwise,’ ‘divisive’

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Jun 12 15:19 EST Family

"To change the nature of marriage for everyone will be divisive and deliver no obvious legal gains given the rights already conferred by civil partnerships," wrote the prelates of the Church of England.

To same-sex attracted boys - wait

Dale O’Leary Tue Jun 12 14:04 EST Opinion

You have a choice. You can explore the origins of your feelings. You can get help to discover your manhood. You can wait.

Moscow court upholds ban on ‘gay pride’ marches for next hundred years

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Tue Jun 12 11:39 EST Homosexuality

Russian homosexual activists had asked for a century's worth of permits using a loophole in the law that places no time limit on such requests.

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