Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reason #8 to defeat Barack Obama


Reason #8 to Defeat Barack Obama: 
Gutting of Conscience Protections



vicfund-donate-sq-052312     America is unique as a country founded upon an idea, the idea that each human being has inherent value.

     Many things follow from that idea:  Representative government instead of a king or dictator.  The rule of law instead of the rule of man.  Freedom.  The right to practice one’s faith and speak one’s mind.
     Essential to this view of human dignity that led to the founding of America is that each person has a conscience which should be respected.  That notion is woven deeply into our laws and customs.  There are certain things a person does not have to do if it violates their conscience. 

     But not under Barack Obama.  Under Obama, medical personnel, taxpayers, people of faith and those with medical insurance are all under threat to have their conscience rights trampled upon. 

     Obama has gutted the conscience protections created by the Bush Administration for medical personnel.  He worked actively with Democratic leaders in Congress to block strong conscience-protection language from being included in Obamacare.    

     Obamacare not only will include taxpayer-subsidized insurance plans that cover abortion, but it also includes a gag order that will make it hard for those with a conscientious objection to abortion to even be told if their insurance plan will cover abortion. 

     Obama’s Administration has hit particularly hard at people and institutions with faith-based conscience concerns.  Last year, the Administration decided not to renew a grant to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to help victims of human trafficking (slavery) in large part because the USCCB refuses to facilitate abortions for such victims.

     USCCB spokeswoman Sister Mary Ann Walsh told the Washington Post, “I think it’s a sad manipulation of a process to promote a pro-abortion agenda.”

     On top of that, Obama issued regulations that ignore the conscience rights of millions of people of faith in our nation, and the same rationale he used in that case could be used to require abortion coverage in all insurance plans in a second Obama term.     

     This violation of conscience rights of people of faith is so severe that today the Catholic Church is beginning a two-week nationwide protest for religious freedom.  

     All of these are reasons to defeat Barack Obama in NovemberIf you agree, please consider a gift to the National Right to Life Victory Fund to help us defeat Obama, and bring back respect for the sincerely held conscience rights of all Americans on issues like abortion, medical care and taxpayer funding. 

     You can help defeat Obama by making a generous donation today, and by sharing these concerns by forwarding this e-mail to a friend.  Thank you for helping make America a better place, and a safer one for unborn babies!



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