Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Wednesday Jun 20 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Good news stories today about the Texas A&M victory, the pro-life victory at the Rio Sustainable Development Summit and our dear friend Reggie Littlejohn’s moving account of her meeting with Chen Guangcheng.

Also, watch the video of Marc Rubio’s talk at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Many consider this youngish politician to be a great hope for the future of the US.

Then there is the story about the alarming reports from top US military chaplains on the rapid decline of religious freedom in the US military . Any enemies of the US who would want to cripple US military resolve are surely gleeful about this latest of many developments decimating traditional personal standards within the armed forces.

Steve Jalsevac
* Responding to Canada’s disturbing assisted suicide decision  - Alex Schadenberg

‘Get in line’ or ‘resign’ Admiral tells military chaplain

Jean McCarthy Wed Jun 20 14:49 EST Faith

There is alarm among military chaplains about the negative effect on troop morale over the undoing of 237 years of traditional religious support for US soldiers.

Marco Rubio being considered for VP: delivers hard-hitting faith talk

John-Henry Westen Wed Jun 20 13:40 EST Faith

Rubio told listeners that the rights of people, born and unborn, come from God, and any government that denies those rights, "is an illegitimate government.”

Two North Carolina abortion facilities caught agreeing to schedule sex-selective abortions

Patrick B. Craine Wed Jun 20 10:29 EST Abortion

"We're not here to judge people," says one Planned Parenthood counsellor as she helps a woman schedule a sex-selective abortion.

Texas A&M wrongly silenced pro-life African-American speaker, lawsuit says

Ben Johnson Wed Jun 20 18:34 EST Abortion

The Alliance Defense Fund says the university refused to fund a speech by Star Parker out of viewpoint discrimination.

‘Daily Show’ co-creator: Pro-lifers use ‘terrorist tactics’

Ben Johnson Wed Jun 20 17:45 EST Abortion

The lapsed Catholic, who had an abortion, insults crisis pregnancy centers while promoting her one-woman Planned Parenthood fundraisers.

Comic book shop celebrates X-Men comic by hosting same-sex ‘wedding’

Ben Johnson Wed Jun 20 16:14 EST Homosexuality

An Ohio couple flew to New York City to get hitched, just like the Marvel superheroes.

‘Thank you!’: U.S. forced-abortion opponent describes her teary-eyed meeting with Chen

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jun 20 15:17 EST Abortion

"This was the most emotional meeting I've had in my life," said Reggie Littlejohn, who has worked tirelessly on behalf of Chen, but has never met him.

‘Fortnight for Freedom’: U.S. bishops launch all-out prayer effort against HHS mandate

Kathleen Gilbert Wed Jun 20 13:25 EST Abortion

Dioceses and parishes around the country have scheduled special events supporting the campaign.

Canadian judge who struck down assisted suicide law was pro-abortion feminist activist

Peter Baklinski Wed Jun 20 17:57 EST Euthanasia

The national president of REAL Women of Canada says that given her background, Justice Smith’s decision is “not surprising”.

The latest trend in comic books—gay superheroes

Harley J. Sims Wed Jun 20 16:44 EST Opinion

Why are the publishers of major comic books turning some of their superheroes into gay icons?

Pro-life victory at Rio ‘sustainable development’ conference: ‘reproductive rights’ excised

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Wed Jun 20 15:46 EST Abortion

Pro-life advocates have spent months fighting efforts to include code words such as “reproductive rights” or “reproductive health services” in the final Rio document.

‘Yummy mummies’: Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair, attacks stay-at-home moms

Thaddeus Baklinski Wed Jun 20 12:09 EST Family

Blair suggested that children raised in households with a full-time mom lack a sense of independence and can't make their way in the world.

‘I survived a coat-hanger abortion’

Dan Zeleny Wed Jun 20 11:51 EST Opinion

“I survived an abortion,” the woman standing in front of me said, looking at my sign.

World’s ‘biggest’ gay pride march shrinks dramatically: politicians abandon

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman Wed Jun 20 10:15 EST Homosexuality

While organizers have claimed as many as 4.5 million attended, a study last year exposed the wildly inflated figures for the Brazilian gay pride parade

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