Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reason #7 to defeat Barack Obama


Reason #7: Abortion in Obamacare


vicfund-donate-sq-052312      Barack Obama used his health care “reform” law to expand abortion coverage . . . and then tried to hide it from the American people. 

      Obama assured Americans in a September 2009 speech to Congress that federal funds would not be used for abortion in his health care bill.  Then before the bill passed in March 2010 he told wavering Congressman that he’d issue an executive order to ensure that federal funds would not be used for abortion.

      But the ink was scarcely dry on the new law when National Right to Life exposed the fact that at least three states were going to use the new high-risk insurance pools created by Obamacare to add abortion coverage.  Only when this came to the public’s attention did the Administration back down. 

      Maybe the greatest abuse is found within the health care “exchanges” the law creates.  States are required to create these exchanges and if a state doesn’t create an exchange, the federal government will do it for them. 

     Scores of billions in federal tax dollars will go into these exchanges to subsidize insurance coverage and many of those subsidized plans will cover abortion. 

      This means every federal taxpayer will be helping subsidize insurance plans that cover elective abortions, even if you live in a state that has voted against using taxpayer dollars for abortion.      

      To add further insult, the law strictly limits the right of the insurance plan to tell consumers whether they will be paying for abortion coverage.

      So millions of Americans with conscience objections to paying for abortion coverage could potentially be doing so without even knowing it. 

      And the conscience issue most in the public spotlight now – the mandate imposed on religious institutions – poses a threat on abortion, as well.  If that mandate is allowed to stand, the same legal reasoning could be used to mandate that insurance plans cover elective surgical abortions in a second Obama term.

      So despite all of Obama’s assurances that no federal funds would be used for abortion and that conscience rights would be protected, both have turned out to be false.  Yet another reason to defeat Barack Obama in 2012.

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