Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012
What Price the Presidency?
By Walter Hoye
Today's guest commentary addresses the climate of the country in regard to abortion. It serves as a wake-up call when it explains exactly how we are to effect change in our society. Read on for Walter Hoye's insights. 

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In a stunning fifth video from Live Action, yet again we see that wanting to have a sex-selective abortion is absolutely okay and comes without judgment, both for the National Abortion Federation "A Woman's Choice" center in Raleigh, NC and Planned Parenthood in Chapel Hill, NC. In the video, the actress asks not only if she can abort her baby if it's a girl, since she and her husband want a boy, but also if she and her husband keep getting "unlucky" and have more girls, can they abort them too?  

ObamaCare and in-school abortion clinics
One News Now
Planned Parenthood could be coming to a school near you if ObamaCare goes through. Much has been made of the abortion-provider setting up shop in a Los Angeles area school, but Jim Sedlak of the American Life League tells OneNewsNow that is really nothing new. "Planned Parenthood has been pushing for school-based clinics for a long time," he points out. "They have set up what they call school-linked clinics, which are clinics right near schools, all the time, and they have gotten into schools before." But Sedlak says that is nothing compared to what will happen if ObamaCare goes through.  

World Net Daily

An international organization that is dedicated to promoting religious freedom and the rule of law in China has announced the launch of a new effort to fight back against that nation's notorious one-child policy. Officials with China Aid Association today announced the creation of the Chinese Children Defense Fund that is to provide attorneys to represent families snared in the Chinese government's limits on children. It also will provide funds for paying fines, and offer other help.