Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Abortion center CLOSES 2 weeks before campaign!


Dear Deacon,

The largest-ever spring 40 Days for Life campaign starts
in two weeks -- and we are thrilled about one location
that will NOT have a campaign!

From Wednesday, February 13, through Sunday, March 24,
40-day campaigns of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigil
and community outreach will be held in ...

... 261 cities ...

... all across the United States (44 states and the
District of Columbia) plus Canada, Australia, England,
Spain, Poland and four NEW countries:

 * Nigeria
 * South Africa
 * Wales
 * Russia (right in the heart of MOSCOW!)

Twenty-one of the cities are launching their FIRST-EVER
40 Days for Life campaigns.

This will be the biggest spring campaign in 40 Days for
Life history, and YOU can be a part! To see the location
closest to you, go to:

Now for the great news.

We were about to announce the launch of campaigns in
262 locations ... but we lost one.

Doesn't sound like good news?

Well, the reason there will not be a campaign in that
262nd city -- Lima, Ohio -- is that the local abortion
center shut down this week ... and PERMANENTLY went
out of business.

Praise God!

"We called the Capital Care abortion center," said one
of the volunteers, "and they said they were 'all done
in Lima' and not taking appointments."

"We were a little skeptical, but we went out to pray,"
she said. "At the end of the day, one of the abortion
workers started throwing furniture from the abortion
center in the dumpster! They were taking boxes out of
the building and putting them in their cars. It was a
wonderful sight!"

Faithful Christians have held FOUR 40 Days for Life
vigils in front of that abortion center in Lima, Ohio.
"God has heard the prayers of all those who have been
praying and witnessing to life," said the volunteer.

This now makes 27 abortion facilities that have gone
out of business following peaceful 40 Days for Life
vigils outside their doors.

To God be the glory!

If you've not taken part in 40 Days for Life before,
I hope this shows you what can happen when you put
your trust in God and step forward in faith.

Could YOUR community be next?

Find the 40 Days for Life campaign nearest you and
learn how you can help make a life-saving difference
in your own community by going to:

Look for your nearest location, click on that city's
name, and then sign up to help however you can.

Deacon, I'm excited ... and I'd like to invite
you to join us on this journey. Together, let's look
forward to what blessings God has in store!

Yours in Christ,

Shawn Carney
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life

PS: It's not too late to get your brand-new book,
"40 Days for Life: Discover What God Has Done ...
Imagine What He Can Do," to read during the upcoming
campaign. The 40 short chapters are designed to be
read daily, featuring amazing true stories of miracles
God has accomplished through 40 Days for Life, along
with daily scripture and a prayer. Order now to have
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