Tuesday, January 29, 2013

LifeSiteNews - Tuesday Jan 29 2013


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Just in case you missed them, we have added numerous Flickr slideshow photos of the Washington and West Coast marches for life. There are now 93 amazing photos from the Washington event and 50 from the San Francisco event .

See LifeSiteNews editor-in-chief John-Henry Westen receiving the Law of Life Summit's main Law of Life Achievement Award the day before the march in Washington. I was fortunate to just happen to film that completely unexpected development at this conference which Fr. Frank Pavone called “one of the most important gatherings” during the week of the March for Life. I have to add that John-Henry is indeed a worthy recipient of this award although none of us had the remotest idea that he would be given it.

Steve Jalsevac

Today's LifeSiteNews blog posts:

Over the past week I shared my abortion story in four time zones…and then the guilt hit -  Kelly Clinger

Pro-abort group pulls creepy ‘Happy anniversary, baby’ video -  John Jalsevac

Beautiful poem gives hopeful voice to post-abortive suffering and shame - Peter Baklinski

MTV ‘16 & Pregnant’ couple stands for life at youth pro-life conference - Jill Stanek

Weird NARAL video compares abortion to chewing gum - Eric Scheidler

2,000+ youth learn the nuts and bolts of pro-life activism at Students for Life conference

Kirsten Andersen Tue Jan 29 14:54 EST Abortion

“Over fifty percent of abortions are done on women between the ages of 18 and 24,” said Kandace Landreneau. “The people in this room are between 18 and 24. That’s us. So, it’s our job.”

Exclusive: U.S. bishops say they’re willing to ‘go to jail’ over HHS mandate

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jan 29 14:46 EST Faith

As Obama's administration and the U.S. Bishops battle over the HHS mandate, many are asking: if it comes down to it, are the bishops willing to sacrifice personally?

Healing, not scarlet letters, promoted at national pro-life prayer service before March for Life

Ben Johnson Tue Jan 29 10:00 EST Abortion

An ecumenical gathering of 100 or more clergy members encouraged a crowd of hundreds to be active, to pray, and to offer grace and mercy to everyone who had ever taken part in an abortion.

Boy Scouts of America reconsidering ban on open homosexuality

Kirsten Andersen Tue Jan 29 17:04 EST Homosexuality

The announcement comes just six months after Boy Scouts strongly reaffirmed their commitment to keeping open homosexuals out of the organization.

Ryan Bomberger of TooManyAborted holds his own in MSNBC interview

Johanna Dasteel Tue Jan 29 15:11 EST Abortion

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin appeared to be unprepared for Ryan Bomberger's media-savvy answers.

Colorado bishops pledge to investigate after Catholic hospital argues unborn not ‘person’ in court

Ben Johnson Tue Jan 29 13:40 EST Abortion

Meanwhile, Personhood USA has launched a project to ensure that Colorado law protects preborn victims of crime.

Proposed B.C. Christian law school attacked by pro-gay activists over voluntary morality pledge

Peter Baklinski Tue Jan 29 18:23 EST Faith

The pledge commits university members to sexual purity and to abstain from gossip, slander, lying, cheating, stealing, pornography, and drunkenness.

Doctor in Canada’s lone ‘abortion-free’ province found offering chemical abortions: report

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jan 29 12:09 EST Abortion

Now a top health official has said that doctors are free to offer the procedure.

Crowd of gay activists demonstrate outside Italian archbishop’s house

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Tue Jan 29 17:18 EST Faith

Archbishop Giampaolo Crepaldi said he spent the afternoon effectively barricaded in his house reading a book on the persecutions suffered by Christians.

The Roe enigma: what the Pew survey tells us

Judie Brown Tue Jan 29 16:43 EST Opinion

The findings are of interest for many reasons, including the level of ignorance that has overcome the discussion of decriminalized abortion over the course of the past 40 years.

Fact-checking my interview with MSNBC after the March for Life

Ryan Bomberger Tue Jan 29 16:05 EST Opinion

By now, everyone knows that mainstream media once again neglected its duty to inform the American public about the March for Life. But MSNBC did invite me on to their show.

Networks give 521 times more coverage to Manti Te’o than March for Life

Katie Yoder Tue Jan 29 13:47 EST Opinion

ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted close to two-and-a-half hours (147 minutes and 43 seconds) to the Te’o fiasco and just 17 seconds to the Washington, D.C., March for Life.

Morally straight? The transformation of the Boy Scouts of America

Albert Mohler Tue Jan 29 12:58 EST Opinion

Word came yesterday that the Boy Scouts of America is poised to change its policy preventing the participation of openly homosexual scouts and leaders.

Pro-life leaders surprise LifeSiteNews editor-in-chief with achievement award

Patrick B. Craine Tue Jan 29 15:50 EST Abortion

John-Henry Westen got a surprise last week when the organizers of the annual Law of Life Summit announced him as the winner of their inaugural Law of Life Achievement Award.

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