Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Struggle For Authentic Marriage Will Involve Suffering!

Struggle For Authentic Marriage Will Involve Suffering!

Posted: 28 Jan 2013 07:28 PM PST

By Deacon Nick cordileoneDonnelly

Protect the Pope.com

Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has given a frank interview with the excellent Mary O’Regan of The Catholic Herald that is a delight to read, especially his down-to-earth and wise words about the Catholic struggle against the imposition of same-sex pseudo-marriage on society.

Archbishop Cordileone cautions against over-using the term ‘gay marriage’, advising that it should be used “only sparingly” because it is a natural impossibility and if we keep talking about gay marriage we might fool ourselves into thinking it is an authentic reality, which only needs government approval to make it legitimate. He compares it with another impossibility: “Legislating for the right for people of the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breastfeeding”.

Truth is clear. Wanting children to be connected to a mother and father discriminates against no one. Every child has a father and a mother, and either you support the only institution that connects a child with their father and mother or you don’t. Adoption, by a mother and father, mirrors the natural union of a mother and father and provides a balanced, happy alternative for when a child may not be reared by their biological parents.”

I tell him that I’m searching for good theological answers against gay marriage, but he corrects this notion by saying: “If you use theology, you will play into their hands and they will say you use religion to control people. Marriage isn’t primarily in theology; marriage is in nature. Theology builds on the natural institution, giving us a deeper mystical and supernatural sense of its meaning.”

‘Fighting for marriage is our way of loving God and the struggle is the particular gift that God has given our generation. This is our particular trial, and by overcoming it we may achieve spiritual greatness. It will entail suffering if we are to oppose gay marriage, something which poses such destruction to the understanding of natural marriage, which is a child-orientated institution”.

Protect the Pope comment: Archbishop Cordileone’s interview in The Catholic Herald is recommended reading because in a few words he exposes the absurdity of calling male-male, female-female sexual relationships ‘marriages’. The fact that our society is even considering this impossibility shows the disastrous consequences of separating the procreative and unitive purposes of conjugal sex through contraception. The absurdity of contraceptive sex introduces the greater absurdity of pseudo-same-sex marriage.

Read the entire article at http://www.catholicherald.co.uk