Thursday, January 24, 2013

LifeSiteNews - Thursday Jan 24 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Today's blog posts:

Accomplishment #5: Abortionists’ dreams of taxpayer funded abortion have been thwarted - Eric Scheidler

New YouTube video scientifically debunks ‘safe abortion’ - Peter Baklinski

Abortionist to sidewalk counselor: ‘And when your little girl gets raped by ten guys…’ - Jill Stanek

BREAKING: Abortion clinic security guard pepper-sprays pro-lifers (VIDEO) - Jill Stanek

‘After Tiller’: ‘heartfelt’ film about late-term abortion providers is a deluge of propaganda - Stephen Phelan

Hundreds brave sub-freezing temperatures for emotional vigil at D.C. Planned Parenthood (PHOTOS)

Kirsten Andersen Thu Jan 24 16:48 EST Abortion

All the pro-life leaders present had the same message for the mainly young crowd: “This is the generation that will end abortion.”

Abortion and the Will to Power: ‘So what if abortion ends a life?’ asks Salon writer

Hilary White Thu Jan 24 16:30 EST Opinion

At the very core of its black heart, abortion is the scream of the nihilist, who seeks power and ownership over anyone weaker.

Why my support for abortion was based on love…and lies

Jennifer Fulwiler Thu Jan 24 14:16 EST Opinion

I found it really irritating when pro-lifers would refer to abortion as "killing babies." Obviously, none of us pro-choice folks were in favor of killing babies.

2013 U.S. March for Life - schedule of events: Updated Jan 21

The Editors Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Commentary

The number of special events keeps growing each year.

Catholic colleges sending record number of students to the March for Life

Cardinal Newman Society Thu Jan 24 17:29 EST Abortion

As usual, Christendom College will cancel classes tomorrow, and send the entire student body to the March.

‘We are not cannon fodder’: Woman conceived in rape calls out pro-lifers over rape exceptions

Patrick B. Craine Thu Jan 24 16:32 EST Abortion

“You do not get to put us out on the front lines and take a giant step back, and you do not discriminate," Rebecca Kiessling told the Law of Life Summit in Washington Thursday.

Top Vatican official praises U.S. Marches for Life as witness for ‘the whole world’

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Abortion

“I really believe that, like slavery, we will be able to eradicate abortion eventually,” Bishop de Paula said.

Two pro-life heroes to be honored with Pro-Life Recognition Award

The Editors Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Abortion

Michael Schwartz, longtime pro-life strategist, and Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, will receive their awards Friday morning.

Seventh-day Adventist University names new economics centre after abortionist

Meaghen Hale Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Abortion

Edward C. Allred in 1980 claimed to have personally aborted a quarter of a million babies in twelve years.

Pro-abort ex-Bloc Quebecois leader drops support for D&P

Patrick B. Craine Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Abortion

One pro-life leader is questioning how the bishops’ official development agency was ever able to win Gilles Duceppe's support in the first place.

Advised to abort over Down’s risk, born without the placenta attached: my miracle daughter

Janene Baadsgaard Thu Jan 24 18:15 EST Culture of Life

All life is reason for great celebration.

Abortion advocates pushing for universal abortion coverage in 2015 UN development goals

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Thu Jan 24 17:59 EST Opinion

Abortion advocates and others are concerned about the impending expiration of the Millennium Development Goals in two years.

EU pro-lifers launch campaign to collect 1,000,000 signatures to defund abortion

Wendy Wright Thu Jan 24 17:46 EST Abortion

Pro-lifers launched the campaign after a European Court ruled that human life begins at conception.

‘Humans are a plague on the earth’ says popular TV host David Attenborough

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Jan 24 16:06 EST Population Control

"Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now,” said Attenborough.

Mexico’s most eminent newspaper reports on psychological devastation of abortion

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Abortion

"No matter how resolute and firm” the women might be, “the abortion causes them remorse, frustration, dissatisfaction," gynecologist Mario Lucas told the newspaper.

Pro-gay ‘progressive’ Irish priest refuses to sign Vatican document affirming Catholic teaching

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Thu Jan 24 13:53 EST Faith

“I could not possibly put my name to such an article without impugning my own integrity and conscience," said Fr. Tony Flannery.

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