Monday, January 21, 2013

URGENT: Obama sends tax dollars for forced abortions


Dear Friends, 

Did you see my email yesterday? 

So, how do you feel about paying for women to choose to abort their baby? 

Now, how do you feel about paying for women to be forced to abort their baby


Well it's true. Not only do we American taxpayers fund abortions here at home with our taxes, we also send millions and millions of dollars to China to subsidize their horrific one-child policy, by way of the so-called United Nations Population Fund. 

You'd think that with all of the public outcry last year about the Chinese activist, Chen Guangcheng, we would hear more about China's grossly inhumane policy

Instead, ABC, NBC, CBS and other mainstream news outlets avoided the issue like the plague. 

Because talking about the ills of abortion might bring to light that the abortion industry in America would like to steer us ever closer to China's abhorrent policy. . . 

. . . And would bring up all of that U.S. money involved in abortions here and overseas

You see, in 2010, backed by his pro-abortion majority in both houses of Congress, President Obama showered the UNFPA with $55 million dollars of our tax money. 

And his most recent budget inked in $47 million of our already stretched tax dollars to go to forced Chinese abortions. 

Does this make any sense? – Aren't we already up to our ears in debt to the Chinese government -- to the tune of $1.16 TRILLION dollars? 

And now, the president who arranged all of this, the one who has been showering abortion providers both here in our own backyards and abroad will be inaugurated tomorrow for another whopping four years in office.

And I have no doubt that the next four years will be more of the same -- unless you and I stop him.

But there is hope on the horizon. 

The House of Congress where pro-lifers have the most control is the one that holds the power of the purse -- the House of Representatives.

And in fact, in early 2011, after pro-lifers won back the House of Representatives, the battle to cut taxpayer funding of abortions began in earnest with the House of Representatives passing the Pence Amendment that would cut off all federal funding of abortion

Click here to sign your petition to the new, 113th Congress, to stop all taxpayer funding of abortion. 

In the last election, pro-lifers actually picked up additional pledged support in the House to fight against taxpayer funding of abortion.

Unfortunately, due to an internal problem, the link to sign your petition against taxpayer funding of abortion wasn't working.

We've resolved the problem, so please, if you haven't had a chance, click here to sign your petition.

With the most pro-abortion president in history taking his oath of office today, guaranteeing another four years, it's important that pro-lifers make sure that Congress uses its power of the purse to cut all taxpayer funding of abortion.


Martin Fox