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St. Louis Planned Parenthood's 'Sheets of Shame' Attempt to Hide 4th Abortion Emergency 


Please help protect women from further injury!  See action item below. 


January 21, 2013


St. Louis, MO - Workers at the last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri were seen Saturday struggling to deploy white bed sheets in an effort to hide the fact that a patient was being rushed to an awaiting ambulance for transport.


St. Louis Planned Parenthood's Sheets of Shame Attempt to Hide 4th Medical Emergency
St. Louis Planned Parenthood's Sheets of Shame Attempt to Hide 4th Medical Emergency

In spite of the "sheets of shame," pro-life activists photographed the incident, which was the fourth medical emergency at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in St. Louis since Thanksgiving, 2012.


"Ambulances are rushing women to emergency rooms from this particular Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at the average rate of about one every two weeks. This is completely unacceptable," said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue. "We are evaluating our legal options concerning the next step in holding this out-of-control abortion mill accountable for these injuries."


Mary Maschmeier, Executive Director for Defenders of the Unborn in St. Louis, told Operation Rescue that the Missouri Board of Healing Arts has rebuffed their efforts to persuade the oversight agency to investigate.


Maschmeier reports that the patient was a Hispanic woman who was loaded into the ambulance around 11:00 a.m. on January 19, 2013. Sidewalk counselors attempted to offer help to her male companion without success. He later followed the ambulance to the hospital. Her condition remains unknown.


Operation Rescue recently received a written 911 computer transcript of a previous medical emergency at this same Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on December 26, 2012. That document indicated that a woman had fainted and was "not alert" by the time Planned Parenthood called 911. Such fainting are commonly the result of blood loss after the abortion, according to other incidents documented by Operation Rescue.

Other medical emergencies at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood took place on November 21 and December 1, 2012.


"We cannot sit idly by and watch Planned Parenthood continue to injure women. We plan to alert the authorities and bring public pressure to bear to encourage regulators in Missouri to do their duty and protect women from shoddy procedures that endanger their lives," said Sullenger.


Action needed! 


We encourage the public to e-mail the Missouri Board of Healing Arts and demand an immediate investigation of all abortionists employed by Planned Parenthood in St. Louis regarding the four abortion emergencies over the past three months.


Contact: Missouri Board of Healing Arts 

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