Thursday, January 17, 2013

LifeSiteNews - Thursday Jan 17 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

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As of this evening there has been major progress with the website repairs. There are still a few glitches being worked on as I type this note.

The Washington March for life schedule of events for Thursday, Friday and Saturday keeps growing and is the longest that we have ever published. Whew! What an extravaganza it will be this year. We have never seen so much going on.

And in California, the same thing is happening with the West Coast Walk for Life

Lots of significant blog posts today with some very moving videos:

Watch the man who blew Oprah Winfrey away with his triumph through faith in God - John-Henry Westen

Amazing! Cebu prisoners dance and become better men - Hilary White, Rome Correspondent

20 resolutions for fighting the gay agenda - Peter LaBarbera

Breaking: Justin Bieber’s mom to promote life-affirming film, 'Crescendo' - Jill Stanek

Russian adoption ban gets partial reprieve days after taking effect - Susan Michelle Tyrrell

Accomplishment #9: More and more Americans are calling themselves pro-life - Eric Scheidler

Ending filibuster could lead to Supreme Court 'nightmare scenario'

Kirsten Andersen Thu Jan 17 19:52 EST Politics

“Obama is a radical social revolutionary,” American Life League's Paul Rondeau told

Obama administration laments abortion setback at the UN

Lisa Correnti Thu Jan 17 19:26 EST Abortion

The opposition is “vocal and well-coordinated,” said Beth Schlachter, a population policy advisor from the State Department.

Two women are behind legalized abortion in America: now both of them want it reversed

John Jalsevac Thu Jan 17 16:11 EST Abortion

Jane Roe and Mary Doe, the two plaintiffs in the two cases the legalized abortion in the U.S., are now both passionate pro-lifers and want their cases reversed.

Hospital will stop delivering babies due in part to ObamaCare

Johanna Dasteel Thu Jan 17 15:48 EST Freedom

Residents of a small Pennsylvania town will have to drive farther, thanks in part to small reimbursements under the Affordable Care Act.

Complaint: Former Tiller abortion mill illegally remodeling without permits

Operation Rescue staff Thu Jan 17 12:06 EST Abortion

“The abortion clinic hasn’t even opened and already it is showing a disregard for the law," said said Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue, who filed the complaint.

Photos of work allegedly being done without a permit accompa

Paul Ehrlich: Civilization is threatened by population and religion

Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. Thu Jan 17 09:13 EST Freedom

The father of the population control movement writes that we "need to give every sexually active human free access" to contraception and abortion.

The right to die is one of the 'greatest freedoms we can offer someone': National Post

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Jan 17 16:00 EST Euthanasia

But Alex Schadenberg warns LifeSiteNews in some areas nearly one-third of euthanasia deaths are inflicted without an explicit request.

Gay men should be vaccinated like women to reduce growing cancer, STD rates, UK medical group states

Hilary White Thu Jan 17 20:35 EST Homosexuality

The British Medical Association suggests homosexuals be vaccinated against HPV to cut increasing rates of anal, throat, and penile cancer.

Quebec: Only lives with ‘a certain dignity’ should be maintained

Patrick B. Craine Thu Jan 17 13:38 EST Euthanasia

Despite all of the talk about dignity in the euthanasia movement, their basic claim is that life has no inherent dignity.

Video: New documentary explores growing pro-life revolution in Central and Eastern Europe

LifeSiteNews staff Thu Jan 17 11:26 EST Abortion

Hungary and Poland have rebounded from Communism and Nazism to launch a hard-fought struggle to preserve unborn life.

Ireland is on brink of abortion: Vigil for Life crucial, organizers say

LifeSiteNews staff Thu Jan 17 11:22 EST Abortion

The Life Institute has said that a Vigil for Life to take place in Dublin this Saturday is crucial to opposing government plans to legalise abortion on suicide grounds.

Obama dishonors 'Religious Freedom Day'

Tony Perkins Thu Jan 17 08:35 EST Opinion

We should cast a skeptical eye on President Obama's professions of support for religious liberty and look to his actions to understand his relative lack of sympathy for the free exercise of religion.

Eliminating feminist teacher bias erases boys' falling grades, study finds

Hilary White Thu Jan 17 08:32 EST Family

Eliminating the factor of “non-cognitive skills…almost eliminates the estimated gender gap in reading grades,” a researcher has found.

Will ObamaCare go the way of Prohibition?

Julia Shaw Thu Jan 17 08:21 EST Opinion

In 1919, Progressives managed to enshrine one of their favorite social policies in the Constitution. It lasted for 14 years before being repealed.

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