Sunday, November 2, 2014

From Live Action News: When is it OK to put children to death?

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Children should not be put to death because of a health diagnosis and this girl's video shows us why
When I was pregnant with my first child, there was a slight indication that I might be a carrier for a genetic condition called cystic fibrosis. But my doctor said that CF wasn’t a reason to terminate – not that I would have anyway – and that they test for it during newborn screening.
CF is a chronic condition that affects the entire body, but most specifically the lungs and pancreas. Life expectancy is currently 40 years old. But according to a Kaiser Permanente study, at least 87% of those whose unborn children are diagnosed with CF abort their children out of fear. Read more...

What the world would have missed if some parents refused having more than two children

There really is no such thing as having “only” one or two children, because having babies is not a numbers game. Rather, it has to do with welcoming souls into the world, however many there may be.
Sadly, Margaret Sanger, who came from a large family herself, failed to see babies as individuals with the potential to improve society and instead saw them as probable burdens to themselves and society. Read more...
Katha Pollitt: Glamourizing abortion won't redeem your mother's suffering.This past weekend I attended the well-known Texas Book Festival in Austin, where I saw feminist writer Katha Pollitt speak about, and read from, her recently published book “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.” This particular work, which has received considerable praise in the pro-choice community, aims to explain how and why abortion is not only a moral right, but also “a positive social good” thus worthy of reverent respect. Read more...
Killing of disabled girl "wholly inappropriate" and "extremely troubling" says Autism group
The euthanasia of Nancy Fitzmaurice, a severely disabled child who was not dying has made international waves with disability advocates especially outraged. Nancy’s mother had requested that her daughter be killed and was granted approval by the British legal system. While the 12-year-old Nancy had significant disabilities, she was able to breathe on her own and did not require life support. Read more...
As intensity gap continues to favor pro-lifers, Millennials see brighter future
One of the most obvious differences between the pro-life movement and the pro-abortion movement – besides the principles their names convey – is what has come to be known as the “intensity gap.”
The intensity gap is a term used to refer to the fact that one side is backed by a much greater and broader level of intensity from its subscribers. In plain terms: pro-lifers are way more gung-ho about supporting life than pro-choicers are about supporting abortion. Read more...

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