Friday, November 14, 2014

She Nearly Died

I Love My Wife!

Dear Friends of Courageous Priest,

I am the most blessed man in the world.  Jeff and I have been running this site for 5 years now.  It has been a wild run, like riding a stallion bareback.  We are continually astonished at how much this site has grown.  Do you know we have had over 3 million visits.  And amazingly, over 11,000 people have trusted us enough to become subscribers.  Mother Mary has been very good to us.
Sit back, relax and let me share a little story with you.  It is a good story.
Let me tell you about my lovely wife.  Without her I could not do this site.   I honestly don’t know how she does it.  She is a suffering servant.   We have 5 young children, 12 and under.  We home school.   Home schooling doesn’t come easy for us.  Actually, it is exceptionally difficult.  It is a struggle.
Did I tell you Regan almost died giving birth to our firstborn?
It took us five years to conceive our first.  We thought infertility was our cross, with Regan being a diabetic and having a pituitary tumor, that made sense.  We found out what was wrong.  We never allowed God into our bedroom. The first day we prayed before the marital act, inviting Him into our bedroom, was the day we conceived.   We were weak Catholics.  Our conversion happened around our fourth year of marriage.

I almost lost her.

I can’t believe how well she maintained her sugars.  Up to 14 shots a day!  It was amazing.
She went through a three day labor.  Yes, I said three days.  A Navy seal in basic training couldn’t touch the pain my wife went through.  When she was finally told to push, things got worse.  Nothing happened.  You could see the beginning of a head.  We went in for an emergency C-section.  My baby girl, my firstborn, was stuck.  We had one doctor pulling her body, while the nurse was pushing the head.  I was scared.  The doctor started cussing and yelling for a male doctor.
After many prayers, she finally came out.  Anne Marie was a NICU baby.  Both of them left with long term issues, Anne Marie is deaf in one ear and struggles with learning.  One day, maybe I will share her miraculous story. She is an amazing girl and doing remarkably well.

Now, are you ready for this!
Regan gave me 4 more children.  All C-sections.  What did I ever do to deserve 4 more children?  Tell me!  All I can say is thanks.  A quiver full.  None of them were easy pregnancies.  Not even close.  Let me tell you, if any one ever starts a courageous wives site, let me nominate mine.

81213494F036The Quinn Family

More Crosses

Her new cross to bear is gripping with the fact that she can’t have any more children.   There are days I see her crying.  I know why.  They are heart tears.  It is like tears shed after losing your mom.  God bless her, she longs for more children.
Sins from the past haunt us, too.  We both fight anger issues.  The Rosary has saved our marriage more than once.  Did I tell you we struggle?  I wasn’t joking.
It is her pain that really causes her problems now.  Never mind the fact that she is sensitive to touch, sound, and light.  Can you believe it?  A mother of five is sensitive to touch and sound.   And for the love of God, she married a Quinn. Quinns are the loudest and most rambunctious kids in town.
At times she describes the pain as a stabbing knife.   And like it is for so many other pain sufferers, it is a hidden cross for her.   I see it in people’s faces and sometimes from their lips, saying, “Why can’t she do this or that?  She looks fine.”
It can get over whelming.  She, by nature, is a perfectionist.  Guess what.  How clean do you think our house is?  Oh, God, do we ever struggle.  Have you ever said, “I am going nuts!”?  Thats us.
What more can I say? My dear wife, I love you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I am just going to throw this out there.  Are you holding back from having a baby because it was a difficult labor or have other struggles?  Don’t be afraid, take courage.  YOU CAN DO IT.  God will help.  Will you, right now, pray and ask God to open your heart to be willing to have another child if that is His will.  Your will be done Lord, not mine.
What will it hurt?  Some have legitimate reasons for not having another child.  I get that.  I am just asking you to pray.  What harm has ever come from praying?
Will you do me a favor?  Please share this with your friends.  You may even have some loved ones you might want to call and personally ask to read this.  Who knows, in the near future, there may be another little person who will thank you for sharing.
God bless,
John Quinn
Courageous Priest

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