Monday, November 24, 2014

Heroic News: “Forced into Obamacare, pro-life family refuses to pay hidden abortion surcharge” plus 6 more


A Connecticut family that was forcibly transitioned from private insurance coverage to Obamacare has won a legal battle that preserves their right not to pay hidden abortion surcharges that formerly existed in 100% of the insurance exchanges in Connecticut.
A 30-year-old Sydney mother has been charged with trying to kill her newborn son by abandoning him in a roadside drain for five days before passers-by heard his cries, police said Monday.
A father and daughter were getting in a morning bike ride Sunday when they heard a sound of a crying baby coming from a storm drain by the bike trail.
The world of organ donation in Denmark is in turmoil. A documentary was aired earlier this month which showed family members reacting in anguish to the news that their 19-year-old daughter was brain dead after a car accident, agreeing to donate her organs and allowing doctors to turn off her respirator. About 1.7 million viewers tuned in to the heart-rending drama.
The medical staff informed Karisa of the Embolism and the immediate danger it would pose. She chose to have them perform an emergency C-section so Declan could be born sacrificing her own body and ultimately her life to save his. Karisa was conscious of Declan being born just before the Doctors were forced to take her to the ICU. She simply asked “How big is he?”
In the wake of a petition demanding that the cable television channel TLC cancel “19 Kids and Counting” because of the Duggar Family’s pro-life and Christian views, thousands of pro-life people have signed a counter petition supporting them.
Months after tens of thousands marched in favor of abortion in Spain's capital, tens of thousands marched against the practice on Saturday.