Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spirit and Life: 3 Pro-Life Reasons for Giving Thanks

A Knights of Columbus sign at the March For Life.
A Knights of Columbus sign at the March For Life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 Pro-Life Reasons for Giving Thanks
As we approach Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to offer three reasons to be grateful from a pro-life perspective. Here and abroad, the pro-life movement has made great gains as more people engage in the fight to defend life, faith, family, and marriage.
  1. As it stands today, not one United Nations treaty mentions abortion, and abortion has never been established as a "human right" by any international European treaty. It's for this reason that I am extremely thankful for HLI's Special Consultative Status at the UN. We are now poised to voice concerns at a global level. With increasing pressure from abortion advocates like the Center for Reproductive Rights, Marie Stopes International, and International Planned Parenthood Federation, it's imperative to strengthen pro-life defenses, especially through UN channels.
  2. The "War on Women" canard supposedly waged by people of faith has been exposed for what it really is: an illusion. In fact, given the harm suffered by women who have abortions or who use hormonal birth control, this entire narrative was backwards. It would be premature to say that the defeat of so many pro-abortion politicians in this last election is a great victory for life and family, but it is certainly good news asit gives all pro-life citizens incentive to directly reach out to our representatives and let them know what we expect of them. As more people reject the cynical politics of the "War on Women," we have more opportunities to educate them  about the harm done by supposedly "essential medicine" that is ruining so many lives. What a blessing to witness the pro-life impact from the actions of defenders of Life who keep the conversation alive in all spheres of influence, affirming and defending the Truth about the abortion industry's deceptions against humanity.
  3. Another reason to give thanks is the growing activism in defense of Life. Grassroots efforts to organize and march draw much-needed attention to pro-life issues, just as I've witnessed when meeting those who attend HLI's pro-life conferences around the world. Just last week, tens of thousands marched in Madrid, protesting the government's lack of action to restrict the availability of abortion. Over 2,500 marched for life in September in Switzerland to defend the right to life of those children diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb. Pro-life and pro-family warriors recently mobilized in Nairobi with peaceful demonstrations to counter the media's increasing promotion of Western anti-life values. These courageous efforts to share the Gospel of Life are cause to give thanks as more people mobilize to create life-loving communities that honor and protect humanity at all ages.
In my travels around the world, I see signs of hope even among many situations that appear to be worsening. A global awareness is emerging among those who have endured cultures that harbor and promote evil. People are waking up to the consequences of the rejection of God and His law, and advocating for Truth, and doing so more and more often in public.
We must also acknowledge all the pro-life advocates and organizations who have supported and collaborated with HLI here in the U.S. and around the world. I would be remiss on this national holiday if I did not thank many of our new and old friends who, in the face of opposition, work tirelessly in defense of life and family on state, national, and international levels. On behalf of the pro-life missionaries of HLI, I wish to personally thank our benefactors for their prayers and sacrifice, affirming that HLI's mission exists for the glory of God.
This Thanksgiving, please be assured of my prayers for abundant blessings and grace to you and yours!
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Father Shenan J. Boquet
President, Human Life International

by Denise Hunnell, M.D.
Since the beginning there has never been any intimation that Woman was a lesser creature. Adam and Eve were distinct in their genders but equal in their dignity. Both were fully created in the image of God.
Unfortunately, the current culture rejects this equality and views the fullness of femininity as a curse. In order to succeed women are pushed to reject their own biology and try to make themselves more like men. Nowhere is this more evident than the modern approach to fertility and maternity.
For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation claims it is working to empower women and fighting maternal mortality. Yet their solution is to invest over one billion dollars into contraceptives for sub-Saharan Africa. The clear implication is that these women cannot thrive with their fertility intact. Instead of "fixing" the women, why not address  root causes of mortality such as poorly trained medical personnel, inadequate medical facilities, lack of clean water, and diminished educational opportunities for women? Why does the Gates Foundation instead choose to attack natural female biology and introduce toxic contraceptives that double the risk of HIV transmission and increase the risk of breast cancer? Introducing these health risks in an area that is already suffering from an inadequate medical infrastructure is not an empowering proposition.