Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Heroic News: “Culture of death: mother murders autistic kindergartener” plus 6 more


As darkness fell Monday, Jillian McCabe parked her car at the north end of the picturesque Yaquina Bay Bridge in the coastal Oregon town of Newport, took her son in her arms, carried him to the middle of the span and threw him to his death in the water below, a police affidavit said.
"Contraception, sleeping around, co-habitation, and gay sex are done in private. By and large, over the last few decades the Church in the West has adopted a don’t ask/don’t tell policy. Marriage is different. It is by definition a public institution. You can protest that recognizing gay marriage does not mean approval, but actions have symbolic meaning whether we want them to or not."
The story of Brittany Maynard, the young woman who took her own life before terminal cancer killed her, is one that has captured the imaginations of many.
The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today said that their efforts to support candidates who supported traditional marriage and oppose those who favored gay 'marriage' were overwhelmingly effective and played a pivotal role in the Republicans capturing control of the United States Senate. NOM won all the races in which they were engaged. - See more at:
Members of the British Parliament today voted 181-1 to declare sex-selection abortions illegal. The vote came on a motion brought forward by a cross-party alliance of MPs to end questions about whether doctors can be criminally prosecuted for doing an abortion on the grounds of the sex of the unborn baby.
“As Attorney General, Greg Abbott has achieved a decade of defending Pro-Life laws and provisions, and his many legal opinions from the Office of the Attorney General have resulted in increased protections on the sanctity of human life."
The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday halted the implementation of new abortion restrictions in the state that supporters said are aimed at protecting women's health and critics said are really measures designed to shutter the state's abortion mills.