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National Right to Life News This Week

Best of NRL News Today for the week of October 27-31, 2014    

Brittany Maynard delays decision to end her own life this Saturday

bmBy Dave Andrusko    By now, almost everyone knows the name Brittany Maynard. She is 29 years old and as much as any outsider can know by watching videos, she is a lovely woman who is dying of brain cancer

One twin's 'rescuing hug' saves the life of her sister

rescuehug  By Becky Yeh Brielle and Kyrie Jackson were born premature on October 17, 1995, a full 12 weeks ahead of their due date. As standard medical practice, doctors at The Medical Center of Central Massachusetts placed the twins in

Woman sees ultrasound, realizes she's pregnant with "a little person"

z19weeksBy Sarah Terzo Editor's note. This appeared in the latest digital edition of National Right to Life News. You can read the entire 38-page issue at    From a woman who was being tested to see if her baby

North Dakota Supreme Court upholds law regulating chemical abortions; lone abortion clinic says it will stop performing chemical abortions

North Dakota Supreme Court  By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday the North Dakota Supreme Court upheld a 2011 law which regulates how chemical abortifacients--generically referred to as "RU486"--are administered to women. In so doing, the state's highest court reversed a ruling by District Judge

Do we vote in accordance with what we say we believe?

Yourvotecounts  By Dave Andrusko Unlike some, I don't make a habit of bashing people for not voting. As an old-fashioned patriotic type, I believe it is our civil--and moral obligation--to take responsibility for shaping our democracy. 

Cosmo party bus decked with "snacks, swag, and male models" to transport female college students to polls to vote for pro-abortion Kay Hagan

01 cosmoBy Dave Andrusko Consider this. On the Cosmopolitan magazine webpage–up to left of the story headlined "The #CosmoVotes Party Bus Is Coming to NC State University"–is a teaser for another story: "How can I get my older coworkers to respect

Grief: the silent burden of a post-abortive woman

Jess Clark  By Jess Clark Editor's note. We published this incredible post a while back. However, the message is so powerful, inspiration, and relevant, that we are reposting it today. I am defined, in some part at least, by the death

Pro-choice psychologist describes abortion she witnessed; baby would now be adult

lifedeathabortionbook  By Sarah Terzo Dr. Magda Denes was a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who died in 1996. 20 years before her death, she wrote a book called "In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death inside an Abortion Hospital. "

Abortion Advocates, What Are You Doing to Protect Women from Other Kermit Gosnells?

gosnellguilty1  By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation It's time that we ask abortion advocates what they are doing to protect women from abortionists like Kermit Gosnell. These groups claim to advocate for women's health.

Our Movement summarized in ten words: "There Was a Life That Had to Be Cared For"

Simon Barnes and his son, EddieBy Dave Andrusko Editor's note. We are approaching the end of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. NRL News Today has run a number of new and "best of" stories about the challenges and the blessings of these special children.

Senate challenger Orman has total support of all three Kansas abortion clinics, incumbent Sen. Roberts has total support of Kansans for Life and National Right to Life

ormanvrobertsBy Kathy Ostrowski, legislative director, Kansans for Life   Kansans are facing a  pivotal choice for the U.S. Senate: incumbent pro-life GOP Senator Pat Roberts versus pro-abortion multimillionaire Greg Orman. 

"Every voice must be heard"; the starvation death of Robert Gensiak

Susan Gensiak, the mother of Robert Gensiak who was starved to death, is escorted by policeBy Dave Andrusko It seems like only yesterday, not for a good reason, but because  the horror of the case made the memories so vivid. A year ago last June we reported on the arraignment of the mother and sisters

On "historic" results, the impending defeat of pro-abortion "icon" Wendy Davis, and a gloomy NY Times editorial

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama, pro-abortion Texas State Senator Wendy DavisBy Dave Andrusko It's so close that now we're down to counting the number of hours before next Tuesday's mid-term elections. Let's staple together some tantalizing hints about what could happen November 4. 

Killing of disabled girl "wholly inappropriate" and "extremely troubling" says Autism group

By Cassy Fiano The euthanasia of Nancy Fitzmaurice, a severely disabled child who was not dying, has made international waves with disability advocates especially outraged. Nancy's mother had requested that her daughter be killed and was granted approval by the British legal

Clinic administrator: I had no conception that "life was sacred"

Merle HoffmanBy Sarah Terzo From clinic owner and administrator Merle Hoffman, on counseling women for their abortions: "Choice" is sometimes not a choice at all. It is an outcome determined by the economic, physical, sociological, and political factors that surround women…

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