Thursday, April 9, 2015

How Kansas’ New Anti Abortion Legislation Turns the Story by Fr. Longenecker

posted this and I totally agree with him. May God correct the conscience of pro-aborts to become Pro-Life, from conception until natural death!

The reason this law is such a great step forward is not only that it bans dismemberment abortion, but it throws the reality of abortion right up front into the spotlight.
To be against this law is to be in favor of cutting unborn babies up in little pieces while still alive in their own mother’s womb.
To be against this law is to be in favor of sticking sharp knives into the womb, cutting off  arms and lets and then sucking the parts out of the mother’s body.
To be against this law is to be in favor of putting another tool into the womb to find the baby’s head then crush it in a kind of nutcracker.
This law states quite clearly what late term abortions are all about.
This law not only bans these barbaric practices, but shows the abortionists at Planned Parenthood for the heartless killers they are.
Late term abortions tear live babies to pieces.
The world should know this just as much as the world should know about Auschwitz.
Americans will only stop abortion once they see abortion and this law helps America realize what abortion really is.