Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Police Rescue 37 Babies From Baby-Selling Trafficking Ring in China

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Police Rescue 37 Babies From Baby-Selling Trafficking Ring in China

By Sarah Zagorski

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Earlier this (year), China Central Television reported that authorities rescued 37 babies and a toddler out of an abandoned factory in the southwestern province of Shandong. The children were found in poor condition and many were suffering from HIV-AIDS and malnutrition. Police first became suspicious of the trafficking ring when they noticed that pregnant women were being herded into the factory.
According to CNN, human traffickers were recruiting pregnant women in the area willing to sell their babies and hid them in the factory until they gave birth. Then, after the women had their babies, they gave the newborns over to the traffickers and left.
A Chinese police official, Chen Shiqu, said that the incident is a “new criminal pattern” in which child traffickers take pregnant women to a specific place to give birth. Currently, police have 103 people in custody who are suspected of selling or buying children. Read More


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