Wednesday, April 15, 2015

THE LOOP: MSNBC host wants to force med students to do abortions

2016 // Hillary's announcement was so boring and flat that Team Clinton apparently wants a do-over.
HUMAN TRAFFICKING // Senate vote coming Thursday on stalled bill to curb human trafficking.
ABORTION // MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry says all medical students should be forced to learn how to do abortions.
VATICAN // Pope Francis marks 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide. Turkish government still won't acknowledge the genocide even happened.
CHURCH // 100-plus more priests to be ordained this year than last.
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CV BLOG // Funny video mocks Hillary-obsessed media.
SAINT OF THE DAY // Blessed Caesar de Bus thought he would be fine with a military career, but God had other plans.
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ASTRONOMICAL ODDS //  The checklist of all the things that had to go wrong for Apollo 13 to fail, and then succeed.