Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pro-choice student changes his mind!

April 29, 2015

Vandalized: TCNJ's
Graveyard for the Unborn

TCNJ Students for Life are passionate about defending their pro-life views and educating others about life issues, like abortion. Even more so, they are courageous. This group has time and time again persevered on a campus particularly hostile to pro-life views and demonstrations.

Last Spring, TCNJ Students for Life were shocked to find that their Graveyard for the Unborn had been vandalized. This display featured signs representing the victims of abortion in an effort to educate and activate their campus to defend the lives of the preborn and better support women in unplanned pregnancies. Despite the backlash, the group chose to once again host this display this Spring. On March 26th, the students reported that again the Graveyard had been attacked. Their Graveyard signs were ripped up and thrown in the trash. A few weeks later , TCNJ Students for Life student leader, Lea Fuscaldo, reported that yet another display was attacked. On April 18th, the group’s “Choose Life” banner had been ripped from the ground and stomped on. One may wonder what would cause such disrespect to a student group’s display. Was the sign graphic? Was it disturbing? Was it offensive? No. It was simply a life-affirming sign showing a mother and her baby.

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Congratulations: Students for Life at Brown University

Students for Life of America is so proud of Students for Life at Brown University, an Ivy League school, for being recognized as an award recipient for a Student Activities Office Leadership Award for the category of Exceptional New Group! This group is incredibly active on campus and has done an amazing job spreading the pro-life message with compassion and love. Read more from SFL at Brown president Lauren Galvan on the group’s accomplishments and future plans:

Students for Life at Brown focuses on furthering the pro-life cause in all its forms. We serve those on campus and those in the RI community who are affected by the many injustices of the world, and we work to bring the realization and truth that every human life is precious. Our goal is to protect human dignity because all of our lives matter. We feel responsible for the health and wellbeing of all other human beings, and we want people to understand that their existence is important and that they serve a purpose in this world.

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Pro-Choice Student
Changes His Mind
by: Angela Erickson, SFLA’s Northern Regional Coordinator

One thing I love about being a Regional Coordinator is the fact that I have the ability to go to several college campuses and engage students in dialogue about abortion. (Totally normal stuff for a married, pregnant, 22-year-old women, right?) What I experienced this week at the University of Northern Iowa encapsulates exactly why I love being able to talk to people about abortion. I had the rare opportunity to completely change one person’s mind about abortion—and it was amazing.

It was an unusually beautiful spring day (for the upper Midwest anyway) and a young man, I’ll call him Ben, approached our “When Do Human Rights Begin?” display at University of Northern Iowa. After spending some time slowly reading though the various panels that make the case for the humanity of the preborn, Ben cast his vote on the question, when do you believe human rights begin? He believed that the fetus gains human rights, particularly the right to life, at about six weeks because that is the time that the brainwaves can be detected in the fetus.

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