Monday, August 17, 2015

Arm yourself with Light of Truth

Catholic Action For Faith And Family
Dear Friends,

Just imagine the joy and celebration of life….
 …when we see the headlines: Abortion is once again a crime in the United States!
 And that is our goal!
Once and for all, we are going to put an end to the legalized massacre of unborn babies in our country. Millions of pro-life Americans are joining together to make this happen.
In our on-going struggle against the culture of death and the proponents of abortion, I often find it helpful and encouraging to revisit the solid wisdom and clear truth of the teachings of our Faith.
For this reason, I invite you to click here to read the first article in our new series of Catholic Moral Guidance by Fr. John Trigilio.
In his insightful article, Fr. Trigilio gives us a simple and concise doctrinal review on abortion as well as practical historical comparisons. He enjoins all of us to continue our fight to stop this crime.
George W. Bush signing the Partial-Birth Abort...
George W. Bush signing the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, surrounded by members of Congress (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As Catholics, we need to stand up for the defenseless and join together with ONE voice to protect the innocent. To increase our effectiveness, it is extremely helpful to refresh our knowledge of the Catholic Church's teaching regarding abortion. This gives us strength and clarity. It will also help us to discuss the issue with others in a clear and concise manner.
Our goal is not to prove to the world that abortion is evil. Everyone already knows that, whether they admit it or not. And the recent atrocities of Planned Parenthood have only highlighted what everyone knows deep down in their souls.
What we need to do is finally stand as Catholics, united in Faith in defense of the Family, and use our enormous numbers, our strong convictions and our tireless efforts to stop every aspect of the culture of death! And replace it with the Culture of Life!

To better arm yourself and your loved ones with the light of Truth, click here to read Catholic Moral Guidance by Fr. John Trigilio.
May God bless you very much!
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Thomas McKenna
Founder and President
Catholic Action For Faith And Family
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