Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Liberal media OUTRAGED by pro-life Presidential candidate

Pundits can't believe a candidate would oppose abortion in THIS case

Liberal media OUTRAGED by pro-life Presidential candidate's comments


It’s all over the news. The liberal media is proclaiming that “Mike Huckabee says 10 year-old rape victim should have to carry child.”

The story is horrifying—a 10-year-old child in Paraguay was raped by her step-father. Last week, she gave birth to a child who was created in God’s image just like every one of us. Paraguay protects personhood in all circumstances and prohibits abortion without exception.

What the headline doesn’t tell you is that before he took this stance, Mike Huckabee acknowledged that rape is a horrible thing.
Mike Huckabee has it exactly right: rape is horrible, and so is abortion. Abortion doesn’t solve anything. Abortion doesn’t make rape “better” or make it go away.

Mike Huckabee’s courageous stance on personhood for allno child-killing under any circumstancesis teaching the nation that there are those who will stand up for the unborn.

While Personhood USA does not endorse any presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee could sure use our encouragement and acknowledgment that he is doing the right thing by boldly and courageously defending unborn babies. And we should expect every single pro-life Presidential candidate to follow suit!

This message of protecting ALL innocent life, no matter the circumstances surrounding the child’s conception, is not a popular one…but it’s definitely necessary.

Personhood USA has saturated the country with the powerful message of personhood for all, and one of the ways we have done this is with some incredible videos featuring speakers who were either victims of rape or conceived in rape.

While the pro-abortion crowd always points to rape as a reason for a “right” to abortion, these testimonial videos show the opposite.

In “El aborto nunca es necesario”, Lianna shares a story of being raped as a 12-year-old, and choosing life for her unborn baby. It is an incredible and moving story, and watching Lianna with her beautiful daughter on the video transcends a language barrier with a universal message of life and hope.

As the media and pro-choice groups continues to lambast Mike Huckabee, as if it’s unthinkable that he would stand up for babies conceived in rape, I’m reminded of Ashley Sigrest’s story - Ashley talks about the devastation of choosing abortion after rape.

This is the stuff no one talks about: the aftermath of a child choosing life when faced with the unthinkable, and the aftermath of choosing abortion after rape. It is painfully clear that choosing life, even in the midst of unthinkable circumstances, comes with immeasurable blessing instead of immeasurable heartache.

With your support, Personhood USA will continue our educational efforts to make sure that we stand up for EVERY unborn child, with no exceptions.

For life,

Jennifer Mason
Director of Communications
Personhood USA


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