Sunday, August 9, 2015

UPDATE: House Committee announces expanded Planned Parenthood investigation

House Committee announces expanded Planned Parenthood investigation

House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders have sent letters to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR), Novogenix Laboratories, and StemExpress, requesting briefings and information regarding each organization's practices relating to human fetal parts collection, sale, and/or donation. >>> Read more

New Hampshire defunds Planned Parenthood following ‘baby parts’ scandal

The fifth video from the Center for Medical Progress features a top Planned Parenthood employee discussing the abortion giant’s fetal parts business was released earlier this week. One day after this release, New Hampshire has defunded Planned Parenthood. The business will not be receiving $639,000 of state funds now, which is about one-third of its funding. Read more

Why isn’t the White House watching the Planned Parenthood videos?

While more and more states are opening investigations and even defunding Planned Parenthood, as these videos show the abortion giant engaging in illegal behavior, the White House is apparently not all that concerned about it. President Obama couldn't even be bothered to watch the videos. Read more

Alabama governor terminates state’s Medicaid agreement with Planned Parenthood

Alabama is the latest state to break its existing Medicaid contract with Planned Parenthood. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal did the same thing last week. The Yellowhammer News reports Governor Robert Bentley said... Read more.

Born at 23 weeks, this micropreemie is sharing the truth about abortion

The story of former “micropreemie” Trevor Frolek couldn’t come at a more awkward time for Planned Parenthood. Currently, the largest abortion provider in the country is scrambling to defend killing babies up to 20 weeks gestation and beyond, and selling their body parts for profit. Read more

Investigations find Florida Planned Parenthood clinics doing illegal second trimester abortions

In Florida, the investigation opened last week by Governor Rick Scott has already yielded violations, including three instances of illegal second-trimester abortions by facilities not licensed to do them. The investigation also revealed improper disposal of fetal remains at one clinic. Read more

Obama admin contracted with fetal organ supplier tied to Planned Parenthood

Politico is reporting that Advanced Bioscience Resources (ABR) has had contracts with the Food and Drug Administration and National Institute of Health since 2009. ABR is a nonprofit fetal tissue supplier with whom former Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest medical director Katharine Sheehan mentions having a ten-year professional relationship in an undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress. Read more

Scott Walker informs Megyn Kelly: Abortion is not necessary to save a mother’s life

Fox News host Megyn Kelly's question to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker – “Would you really let a mother die rather than have an abortion?” – has garnered disappointment with pro-lifers for various reasons, not the least of which is because it is not based in fact. Read more

“It was a twin.” Planned Parenthood discusses sale of “fully intact” aborted babies

The Planned Parenthood ‘baby parts’ scandal continued to deepen as new footage was released by The Center for Medical Progress. The tapes show... Read more

U.S. Senate vote to defund Planned Parenthood falls short

Although a majority of senators voted to defund Planned Parenthood in last Monday's vote, it wasn’t enough to advance the bill to defund the abortion giant. Read more

10 disturbing quotes from a top Planned Parenthood abortionist

The following words may be hard to stomach, but Americans need to remember that right now, abortion – the root of all these horrific videos – is legal. Read more