Friday, August 14, 2015

Spirit & Life - The Ethics of Fetal Tissue Donation


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Dear Friends, 

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Dr. Joseph Meaney and Father Francesco Giordano, the last two of our directors to depart after a week of fellowship and hard work during our annual directors meeting. You many have seen some of the photos on our Facebook page, but the short version of the backstory is that our incredible gang of regional directors met at a nearby retreat center to discuss how we can keep improving in our defense of life and family.

  In the last year I was blessed to visit each of them in their home countries and share in their wonderful work, seeing first hand their struggles, determination and joy. But getting these great champions of life and family together in one room to share ideas was a great blessing and a boost for me and our staff.

This was another strong week for our Truth and Charity Forum, with excellent articles from HLI fellow Dr. Denise Hunnell on the Planned Parenthood controversy, as well as Mark Latkovic on the Synod on marriage and Father Basil Cole on the virtue of chastity. We feature here Dr. Hunnell's article, but I invite you to read these and the other articles that I hope add to your formation.

Also featured is a slide show with some beautiful pictures from our affiliate in India, and an uplifting story from Emil Hagamu, our Anglophone Africa director, who in addition to his tireless work educating and activating many in the defense of life, also counsels on occasion those who have been harmed by the Culture of Death.

I remain deeply indebted to you all for your generous prayers for the protection of our missionaries and the success of our work! Know that you are in mine as well.

Sincerely yours in Christ,  
Father Shenan J. Boquet 
President, Human Life International
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Denise Hunnell
But there is the rub. Organs and tissue obtained from aborted fetuses are not "perfectly good". We need to apply the same moral principles to the use of fetal tissue for scientific research that we apply to other uses of human organs and tissue for either transplantation or research. The fact that the tissue proffered by Planned Parenthood was obtained by the intrinsically evil act of abortion renders this tissue morally unsuitable for medical and scientific purposes. - continue -
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India is known for having the second largest national population in the world, after China. Unfortunately, it is also known for the many injustices perpetrated on women in the nation in the name of "reproductive health", really population control. HLI believes that the population control mentality is incompatible with freedom and human dignity, and that women deserve better. See what one of our partners is doing to give women a positive vision toward a Culture of Life.  - continue  -
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Emil Hagamu
With what seems like constant advocacy from pro-abortion groups who push the lie that abortion is a "right" for women's "reproductive health," gradually abortion is seeing wider acceptance even in Tanzania, though for now it remains strongly restricted in law. Instead of offering health benefits, however, abortion causes women to suffer physically and psychologically. Although we have been able to share this message and reach many people in Tanzania, for some our message of hope arrives late. - continue -
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As HLI President Father Shenan Boquet recently stated: "The U.S. government has given Planned Parenthood pass after pass despite many revelations of its malfeasance and corruption, keeping hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars flowing to this sick and very profitable 'non-profit' business. We can only pray that this most recent revelation will wake up what remains of the consciences of our leaders in Washington, leading to a massive investigation of this evil abortion business and the prosecution of all who have let this evil persist." - continue -
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