Thursday, April 21, 2016

Judie Brown: "Contraception, IVF, and political red herrings"


Judie Brown

Judie Brown
April 20, 2016

We know the facts and the truths about preborn babies and contraception. We know the lies that are constantly spread. But do we know how to stop them? Do we have the courage to do so?

There have been a few headlines recently that caught my eye because of the inane comments politicians have been making about contraception. I don't have space to write about all of them, so I will give you "Mr. Generic's" view of what he thinks contraception and/or in vitro fertilization have to do with being pro-life.

The first statement that comes to mind involves how many children a husband and wife might choose to have. While talking about this, Mr. Generic claimed that he was totally pro-life and has been his entire political career, but he also supports access to contraception. Furthermore, he told an audience that his faith doesn't have a problem with contraceptives! He went on to suggest that people of other faith persuasions – like Catholics – do have a problem with contraceptives and that's okay because this is America. The problem with his comments is that they expose his lack of understanding when it comes to certain contraceptives, as well as the practice of in vitro fertilization – both of which can and do result in dead babies.
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