Monday, April 4, 2016

T&C: Service, Beauty and the Family

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The Little Sisters of the Poor are a religious order serving in the U.S. since 1868. Faithful to their profoundly beautiful and humble mission, they currently care for 13,000 elderly poor in 30 homes across the U.S. and in 31 countries world-wide...And yet, astoundingly, for the past several years, the Little Sisters have been engaged in an unwarranted battle with the federal government.
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By Veronica Arntz 
In taking on lowly human flesh, Beauty itself has suffered, and for this reason, we too ought to enter into that suffering. Ratzinger is calling us to allow the true knowledge of Christ's Beauty to form our reason and soul, turning us away from the banal culture and into God's "marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9).
By Don DeMarco, Ph.D. 
If euthanasia in Canada does become something like a growth industry, this would mean that fewer member of the medical profession who oppose assisted killing would be allowed to act in accordance with their conscience. One person's choice could violate another person's conscience.  Such a situation would logically discourage conscientious people from entering the world of medicine in the first place. Secular society becomes more efficient when there is uniformity of opinion, where everyone agrees on the reigning ideology of the day.

A healthy society then is nothing more than a conglomeration of healthy families. Anything more removed than that is simply not realistic of how humans function. The question then becomes, if Marx and Engels are right about problems in the family, but wrong to argue for its dissolution, how then do we heal the family? Where do we find models of families functioning well? And how does a family function well as an essential component of a nation?
April 4, 2016

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