Monday, February 11, 2008 - NewsBytes Feb 11, 2008 - Monday February 11, 2008

LAT Reports Abortion Clinic Atrocities; Will They Follow Up?

Clinton and advisers increasingly concerned she could be on "precipitous losing streak" in nomination contests this month

Catholic Vote Is Harbinger of Success for Clinton

Gingrich Warns of GOP Catastrophe - calls for a conservative "declaration of independence" from the Republican Party

John McCain is headed for defeat of McGovernite dimensions if he can't sway conservatives to get behind his candidacy

Peggy Noonan - Can Mrs. Clinton Lose? Mrs. Clinton would be easier for Republicans.

The Pushy Pundits Forced Romney Out! The American public doesn't take orders very well. They felt like they were being steamrolled.

Assisted-Suicide Ballot Measure Called Biased, Unclear

Mother's Milk May Have Stem Cells

Students in America and around the world will celebrate Valentine's Day by helping educate their peers on the value of sexual purity as a positive choice

A Kuwaiti parliamentary committee wants to ban Valentine's Day celebrations

Support Weakens for Christian-Muslim Accord

Kerala: state committee recommends banning religious worship in schools

Anglican Bishop: Christians don't go to heaven

Beijing applauds the gag order on athletes. Great Britain is reconsidering it

'If We Had Some Global Warming' - C'mon, everybody...for the sake of the planet, sing along with Daryl and Elmer:

Catholic religious green sisters are propagating their errors as fast and as far as they can by books, lectures, retreats, icons, and workshops - Follow Fr. Thomos Berry, 90-year-old Passionist priest and disciple of Teilhard de Chardin

Dr. Janice Crouse Testifies Before Maryland Legislature on sex trafficking

Texas Governor slams the ACLU attack on the Boy Scouts and Christianity

Condom Fallacies ; Short-Sighted Campaigns Spread Diseases

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