Thursday, February 28, 2008 Newsbytes for Feb. 28

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Democratic Party Insiders Believe Hillary Campaign Is Dead, According to Robert Novak

Canada just became scarier for the disabled

Mike Huckabee endorses amendment to Colorado's constitution that defines a person as a human being from the moment life begins at conception

Schiavo Foundation Laments Obama's "Mistake" Comment on Terry Schiavo

Peruvians Decry Protocol on Legality of Abortion - Clarify That "Interrupting Pregnancy" Is Never a Therapy

Canada's Campus pro-lifers face mounting opposition

A big blow to Al Gore - One of the world's leading agencies monitoring climate change says there's no link between global warming and the frequency or severity of hurricanes hitting the United States over the past century.

Ezra Levant calls all researchers to document every occasion that Frequent Human Rights Commission user Warman has either filed a suit against someone or threatened to do so

Children's Vaccine Linked to Fevers, Seizures

AIDS in Africa: Abstinence Works - Interview With Expert Matthew Hanley

Washington Times Caves to Political Correctness Under New Editor

America's Most Sinful Cities?

AIDS Rates in Northern Ireland Up By 300%

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