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Dr. Dobson: I Will Never Vote for McCain

McCain must think conservatives are dumb enough to allow him to get away with claiming he's one of them says Michael Reagan

Electability Credited for McCain's Rising Support

Why You're Going To Vote For John McCain In November And Like It!!

McCain: "I'll rely on people to judge me by the company that I keep" - By Michelle Malkin

Florida win hardly a ringing endorsement of McCain - conservative wing of the party continues to mistrust and even dislike John McCain.

Is the Catholic Vote Giving John McCain the GOP Lead?

Choose-Life Movie Plots? They're Fictions, 'Consoling' and 'Cutesy'

"Juno" and Pro-life Hollywood

Colorado: Abortion Information Consent and Ultrasound Bill Introduced in Colorado General Assembly

Japan has highest suicide rate among developed nations - Wesley J. Smith

Nurse admits stealing body parts of dead for lucrative transplant market;_ylt=AscVDsfCi818FuScQiahxZADW7oF ;
Richard John Neuhaus says new book, The Faithful Departed, is the best book-length treatment of the sex abuse crisis, its origins and larger implications, published to date. Book says the rampant homosexuality among Catholic priests, has been acknowledged but not addressed, and later even denied. "The blackmail hypothesis provides a logical explanation for behavior that is otherwise inexplicable by bishops"

Happy-talk version of American Catholicism is a central element of the liberal Catholic line — the illusion that we aren't doing so bad—is choking the life out of the Catholic Church in the United States - Russell Shaw

Intrusive Gay Bill Moving Through California Legislature

Tired of throwing money at national candidates who won't give them unfettered support; gay advocates are funding state and local elections

California Assembly OKs Bill that would force some nonprofits to record the sexual orientation of board members, as well as the number of grants awarded to homosexual groups.

Britians National Health Service could pay surrogates £15,000 to have babies for gays

Canada's troops must be pulled if Afghanistan imposes Sharia law and strict Islamic code
says columnist Lorne Gunter

Theology is essential front in war against militant Islamists - it will not do to offer democracy, secularism and licentious living as an alternative to religious extremism. The answer to bad religion is good religion - Father Raymond J. De Souza, National Post

Al Gore called 'prophet' at liberal Baptist meeting

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