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At UN abortion is essential for "gender equality" and is the "overarching framework"

Surgeon Accused of Speeding Death of Man to Harvest Organs,2933,332967,00.html

Defending Life and Dignity - How, finally, to ban human cloning by Leon R. Kass

U.N. Women's Commission Debating Plan to Require Quotas and More Money - Appears to be paving the way for "a more radical U.S. President" when it meets next year

Embryonic Stem Cell Superiority Myth is Crumbling

Transcript of Barack Obama's Planned Parenthood Speech Made Available

Obama of the North - The cautionary tale of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

The Gospel of Barack Obama by Mark P. Shea

Catholic newspaper writer votes for Obama, defends his choice saying, "Bishops be damned"

Special Prosecutors Allow Planned Parenthood to Corrupt Kansas Grand Jury - "Bizarre" behavior indicates collusion between, judge, special prosecutors, and PlannedParenthood

Seven-State Investigation Organized By UCLA Students Shows Evidence of Racism at Planned Parenthood

Culture of abortion pervades British medical profession, say English pro-lifers

Another Reason to Like Sweden - Swedish doctors oppose euthanasia

Lack of Interest Forces Planned Parenthood to Leave University

Silence No More - Doing Emma Beck's memory justice By Michelle Malkin

Ontario Human Rights Commission - The stories get more and more outrageous

Courageous Denver Archbishop fights Coercion against Catholic Hospitals

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down - Cold is more damaging than heat

Active fathers are absolutely essential in preventing behavioral problems with boys and psychological problems in girls.

Catholic Church faces new crisis - Ireland is running out of priests

The Pope and the United Nations By Douglas A. Sylva

Chavez supporters invade chancery, expel employees and bishop

It's Not a Conspiracy. It's Just a Cover-Up - Part 2 The Impeachment of Willard Mitt Romney

One-fifth of Canadians list wait times as the most critical issue facing their health care system today

School Choice Isn't Enough

EU fines Microsoft record $1.3 billion

Million$ to pro-homosexual groups bad news for Christians, says activist - warns moneywill be used to "criminalize" Christian opposition to their agenda.

Video rental called called Family Video Stores appears to be peddling pornography

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