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I'll be president of Europe if you give me the power - Blair,,2251169,00.html

Rasmussen shows McCain/Romney dead heat; Romney leads McCain among conservatives by 16 percent By Michelle Malkin

McCain narrowly trails former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in California, the biggest prize on "Super Tuesday."

MARK STEYN: The Clintons are nothing if not lucky, and Hillary must occasionally be enjoying a luxury-length cackle at the thought of being pitted against a 71-year old "maverick."

Romney Wins Maine Caucuses

Novak: Bush won't support Romney because of immigration By Michelle Malkin

Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney for president

Keyes: Romney responsible for same-sex marriage fiasco

Huckabee: A Vote for Romney may be a Vote for Hillary

Why Mitt Romney Is the Best Choice for Catholic Conservatives

LA Times Endorses McCain: Weak on Fences, Strong on Global Warming

Ann Coulter says she'll campaign for Hillary if McCain wins GOP nomination:

McCain Method: Tell Republicans They're Racist, Wrong and Stupid - NewsBusters

Forbes endorses McCain

N.Y. Times Practices A Little NARAL Camouflage

Rights commissions are stifling Canadians' rights

Liberal MPP Faces Human Rights Complaint

UK Husband is spared jail for suffocating sick wife who wanted to die

Dad, mom fight over starving brain-damaged daughter

Bishop of Rochester under police protection after receiving 'death threats' for saying Britain has no-go areas for non-Muslims'death+threats'+for+criticisin

Catholic Church election vote recommendation angers Spain's ruling Socialists

Virginia Beach police seize photos from Abercrombie store

Submission deadline nears for first-ever pro-life film festival

Pro-lifers getting ready for Lenten vigils outside abortion sites

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