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From the Right, Both Acceptance and Distrust of McCain - Washington Post

GOP conservatives were in the mood to unite behind McCain, regardless of what good folks like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Dr. Dobson say about him - Deal W. Hudson

Video: McCain at CPAC–not quite The Uniter yet By Michelle Malkin

McCain Must Convince Skeptical Conservatives by Deeds, not Words; Viguerie: Rhetoric Won't do it

McCain's is a peculiar conservatism - needs to train himself at least to oppose the things conservatives oppose. Conservatives should view McCain not as a hostile force, but as a foreign and unfamiliar presence, bearing real potential as well as real risk By Yuval Levin National Review

Rush Limbaugh suggests McCain will march Republicans to defeat in November unless he picks Mike Huckabee, who did well among Christian evangelicals last night, as his running mate.

McCain is planning to toss Huckabee overboard as soon as he's served his purpose- Mark Steyn

Once John McCain Wins, He'll Make a Left

Why the Clintons shouldn't be president - Combative and restless, Bill Clinton would have inordinate influence behind the scenes — but with no accountability

Anyone who still has an easy confidence about the Catholic "place" in American life had better wake up By Charles J. Chaput

Members of Congress and community leaders decry hijacking of President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Liberty and grievance in Canada.

Canadian MP Keith Martin refusing to withdraw private member's motion to delete section of Human Rights Code - Leader Stephané Dion wants him to withdraw the motion

National Post comes out strongly in favour of Liberal MP Keith Martin's move to have dangerous subsection 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act repealed

CBC blasted for exploiting Neo-Nazis to support its opposition to Keith Martin's widely supported motion to change Canadian Human Rights Act

Oregon Homicide Exposes the Fallacy that Euthanasia Can be Controlled Says Fr. Pavone

Planned Parenthood Works to Increase its Share of Abortion Market by building supoer abortion clinics

Lawsuit after abortion survivor's speech banned - 'We just don't like to encourage discussion of those types of issues in our facilities'

The March for Life News Blackout

Brazilian bishops' conference official defends and promotes abortion

Bush Calls on Senate to Give Nominees a Fair Vote - More than 180 highly-qualified nominees — including 28 judicial nominees — awaiting fair vote in the Senate, nine have been waiting more than two years.

Should Political Leaders be Jailed for Questioning Global Warming?

Cleaning Up The Media Clutter In Your Kid's Room

Former Archdiocese of Los Angeles official decries city's pornography industry - "the world capital of pornography" - Says Cardinal Mahony should step down and let Pope Benedict XVI appoint replacement.

What to expect at this year's Los Angeles Catholic Religious Education Congress sponsored by Los Angeles archdiocese

Conceiving Parenthood: American Protestantism and the Spirit of Reproduction

Deadline kills "anti-spanking" bill in state assembly

Often, Teachers' And Coaches' Abuse Goes Unreported

Windows Vista SP1 lacks any compelling "must haves," and, in most cases, doesn't significantly improve performance (in some cases, it even degrades performance).

Why Are Media Calling Obama's Super Tuesday Victory a Tie?

Canada's Conservative Government threatens confidence vote on crime bill

Almost Unthinkable Global Warming Skepticism at NYT

Global Warming Evangelism: Give Up Carbon For Lent!

Jewish regret at Pope's 'missed opportunity' in rewritten prayer

California assembly bill seeks to make large grant-writing foundations more homosexual friendly ;

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