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I have a plan to destroy America - 1. make America a bilingual-bicultural country 2. invent "multiculturalism" and encourage immigrants to maintain their own culture. 3. make the United States a "Hispanic Quebec" by Richard D. Lamm

Evidence of the Pill having abortifacient effect - Substantial resistance to evidence from Christian physicians; little or no resistance from secular physicians

Huckabee Wins Kansas, Louisiana GOP Contests, McCain Prevails in Washington

Huckabee banks on Texas, Norris - Campaign believes Romney departure helps unify anti-McCain vote in 27 remaining contests

Fred Thompson Backs McCain

Republicans had their chance – and blew it! America is racing toward an era of unprecedented government expansion, accompanied by a directly correlated loss of freedom.

McCain's rapprochement with the right? John McCain seeks to be a war president by Pat Buchanan

Newsweek Cover Story Stokes Conservative Hatred for McCain

Liberal leader Dion hints budget might be Canadian federal election's trigger - budget vote would come Feb. 26, after the crime bill

Thus ends Western Civilization; one in four Britons don't believe Florence Nightingale, Sir Walter Raleigh, Mahatma Gandhi and Cleopatra Prime Minister Winston Churchill actually existed.

British olympians forced to sign no-criticism-of-China contract

ADF President, other leaders send letter: Confirm judicial nominees now

Disaster befalling UK health care system - patients leaving hospitals malnourished!

UK: Tribunal fines Church England £47,000 for refusing to hire homosexual

Amsterdam plans to close down its red light prostitution district, citing sleaze, criminal activity and human trafficking

8-year-old boy returning to class as girl

Mock weddings, drag shows and workshops on transsexuality among events planned for students as young as 14 in same-sex marriage campaign

There is no one cause of homosexuality. No single genetic, hormonal, social, or environmental factor is predominant.

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