Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catholic Insight's Online Newsletter [03/17/2010]

Newsletter No. 3
March 17, 2010

Dear Friends,

For this newsletter, we turn our attention to an urgent issue south of the border, where the proposed "Obamacare" health initiative threatens to entrench public funding of abortions, much as is the case in most parts of Canada.

Here are some facts and action points that can be taken to derail this odious proposal:

1. Abortion is not healthcare.
2. America cannot afford it ($950 billion, not counting yearly increases in healthcare costs over the next 10 years. Today, healthcare is already one-sixth of the total U.S. economy).
3. There is no bill. There is a House bill. There is a Senate bill. There is President Obama's 11-page memo. There are innumerable proposed amendments. But there is NO bill for the people to peruse.
4. The process has been shrouded in secrecy. For eight months (May-December 2009), Republicans were denied input. The House bill process finished in September 2009; the Senate bill by Christmas Eve 2009. Democrats bypassed a conference committee and its public hearings to merge the Senate and House bills, thus re-affirming their rejection of bipartisan input (Jan. 5). Meetings during January and February 2010 were held in secret. There were no media, C-PAC or Republicans present. The full transparency promised by Obama (seven times) became zero transparency. Democrats bought votes through bribery and/or threats: in Louisiana ($300 million); in Nebraska ($1.2 billion), Florida seniors, New York unions, Montana, etc. Billions upon billions of dollars were expended. The process became more corrupt by the day. Mr. Obama and House Majority leader Nancy Pelosi spoke from both sides of their mouths regularly.
5. Abortion financing. The proposal allocates $7 billion to 1,250 Community Health Centres to pay directly for abortions on demand. Pro-abortionists have been campaigning for CHCs themselves to provide abortions.

Americans are saying "No" to Obamacare.

53 per cent of all Americans say "No" (Rasmussen poll, Jan. 4 and, again, on March 15).

72 per cent of Americans say "No" to using federal dollars for abortions (Americans United for Life, Feb. 25).

Remember Obama's address to Congress in September 2009: "Let me make clear that no federal dollars will be used for funding abortion."

The National Right to Life Committee (through legislative director Douglas Johnson): "This Senate bill is the most pro-abortion single piece of legislation … since Roe v. Wade" (March 5).

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops says the proposal could lead to hundreds of thousand of additional abortions (March 4).

The Senate bill:

- Departs from the longstanding policy of no tax subsidies for abortions in order to help tens of millions of Americans buy private health care, allowing abortion on demand. Each American, buying private care, must pay a monthly fee to pay for other people's abortions.
- Establishes a new, separate "Office of Personnel Management" to administer private "multi-state" plans that cover abortion on demand.
- Empowers federal political employees to expand access to abortions by binding federal decrees.
- Re-authorizes all federal Indian health programs, without the ban on abortions.
- Does not protect healthcare providers from being penalized for refusing to participate in committing abortions.

Other unwanted features:

- Health care rationing for seniors (via price controls)
- Medicare is to be cut by $500 billion
- The extension of embryonic stem cell research (by the National Institutes of Health)
- Takes away physicians' autonomy, as well as that of their patients
- No help for chronic diseases
- It is the only major bill in America's history which has neither bipartisan sponsorship nor input

Who will suffer most? Most likely, African Americans, who are subject already to the highest abortion rate (40 per cent) of any group in the United States.

The major flaw:

The Obama administration, dominated by pro-abortionists, homosexualists and gender equality feminists, thinks that fewer children will reduce the deficit and stabilize prosperity.

In reality, more abortions will lengthen and deepen the current economic depression, which is caused by the decline in the birthrate. This decline is worldwide and ruthlessly promoted by the United States, under Obama, and by China (through its one-child policy).

In addition to ending the Mexico convention prohibiting the use of taxpayer dollars for funding overseas abortions, Obama allots the United Nations $300 million a year for abortions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The following are some recent dates:

Jan. 14, 2010: Hillary Clinton announces a new five-year funding push for abortions worldwide.

Feb. 2: The new budget calls for abortion funding in Washington, D.C. and funding for the Legal Services Corporation (abortion litigation) (p. 1,248).

Feb. 6: American military hospitals must stock the abortion-causing "morning-after pill."

March 3: Obama's UN agenda calls for a new UN bureaucracy and creation of a super agency to promote abortion worldwide.

March 4: Hillary Clinton's sends a message to Brazil: legalize abortion.

What to do?

Americans: Oppose this proposal and lobby Congress.

Canadians: Pray that it will be defeated.

President Obama's "new" health reform plan is even more offensive to the democratic and religious principles of Americans than the previous Senate and House (without the Stupak amendment) bills.