Friday, March 19, 2010

Time for Health Care Hardball


Sign the "November is Coming" Petition Now!

With the crucial House health care vote most likely coming in 72 hours, I'm asking you to take a new step.

Tell your member of Congress that if he or she votes YES on the health care takeover, you will vote NO on them in November.

Click Here to send your message right now!

We've got to make sure in these potential final hours before the House vote that every member of Congress knows that tens of thousands of folks back home will vote NO on the Congressman if he or she votes YES on taking away our health care rights.

Every single member of the House of Representatives is up for election this November. 

They need to know that if they ram this health care takeover through – with all the dirty deals, all the big spending and new debt, all the new government bureaucracy, all the parliamentary tricks – then Americans will vote them out in November. 

This petition is the clearest way to send this vital message.

Let's keep up the pressure!  We are winning with the American people.

Tim Phillp's Signature

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Sign this petition now and forward it to your friends and family!

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