Thursday, March 25, 2010

EUROPE/SPAIN - Church's firm commitment to helping women not to abort

Madrid (Agenzia Fides) – Reach out, tending the hand that the State denies women in trouble with their pregnancy: this is the goal of the new communication campaign being launched by the Spanish bishops and presented at the Day for Life by the Secretary General of the Bishops Conference, Bishop Juan Antonio Martinez Camino, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid. In addition to over 1,300 billboards and 6 million leaflets to be distributed throughout the Spanish area, the bishops have decided this year to add a web page with a list of the various institutions that now provide aid to pregnant women to keep them from having to abort. During the presentation of this campaign with the slogan "¡Es mi vida! Está en tus manos!" (It's my life! It's in your hands!" and featuring the image of an infant supported by the hands of his parents, Bishop Camino assured that with the new law on abortion, the Church will offer various institutions that are already committed to supporting mothers in difficulty, so that they do not fall into this trap. "Being against abortion does not mean being against women and mothers," said Bishop Camino. Among the associations mentioned on the list on the website of the Bishops' Conference are the well-known groups such as "Red Madre," "Provida," and "Adevida," as well as projects carried out directly by religious congregations and dioceses, such as the Family Guidance Centers (COF) and the secretariats for Defense of Life. "The Bishops' Conference is not against anybody," recalled the Secretary. "This is intended to benefit those who have the right to be born, for mothers who are entitled to receive state support, and to promote a society that has the right to have just laws." (AP)
(Agenzia Fides 25/3/2010)
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