Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Update from the Scene of the Health Care Debate: CongressWoman Ginny Brown-Waite

Dear Friend,

It appears today is D-day for health care in Washington. Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat Leadership team continue to send mixed signals on their vote count, so it is not yet clear what the final tally will be. One group who has made their vote very clear is the American people.

Thousands of Americans have descended upon our Nation's Capitol to voice their firm opposition to ObamaCare.

While some Members have their doors locked and their phones off, the office of Florida's 5th Congressional District is open for business. Thank you to all of the constituents who have stopped by to voice your opposition to this bill . 

Today, I will go to the floor of the House and carryout the will of my constituents and vote firmly against this government takeover of health care.

Please continue to encourage your family and neighbors to get in touch with their Member of Congress and encourage them to vote the will of their constituents.