Friday, March 19, 2010

News from the Trenches: A Spiritual Battle for the Life of the Unborn:

"Hail Satan! I love Satan!"

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road, San Diego, Saturday, February 27, 2010

We had 14 prayer warriors (including three children) who braved the weather to pray at FPA Saturday morning, joining three sidewalk counselors in the spiritual battle for the life of the unborn. A cold, driving rain kept flipping our umbrellas inside out and soaking us, and making it difficult to talk to people in their cars.

It was an atypical morning, with a large number of late model, high-end cars entering the parking lot. Many were not coming for an abortion, but something else, such as birth control, examinations, etc.
Terry spoke to a number of people at the driveway closest to the stairway to the mill, and then later at the exit of the main driveway. One couple she spoke to about the horrors of abortion and the alternatives -- especially adoption -- listened to everything and then drove in. From her vantage point, she couldn't tell where they went. At about 9:30 a worker at Ashley Furniture pulled into the parking lot. Whenever he arrives, he makes it a point to make an obscene gesture to any of the counselors looking his way. Since he started this behavior with Terry, he seems to get particularly enraged when she is isolated and closest to him. This morning, as he emerged from his car (close to her), he yelled, "Hail Satan! I love Satan!" over and over, while exaggerating several different obscene gestures. Terry calmly responded, by saying, "God bless you." Whenever he gets to this point, it often means something good will happen, and the devil is, indeed, unhappy. She spoke to other women entering that driveway whenever possible and gave out literature or rosaries whenever she could get someone to stop.

At the side driveway, Anne noted a car that pulled past her quickly, and the couple went straight up into the mill. Another pulled past her without stopping, but then parked near the back of the lot, away from the mill, and closer to where the prayer warriors were with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe attached to a tree. The couple stayed in the car for some time, then pulled out of the main exit. She couldn't tell for sure why they were there, but when people sit in a car at this place for a while and then leave, it's usually a good sign.

While at the exit side of the main driveway, Terry spoke to two young men who had dropped their girlfriends off at the mill. One of them, "E," after listening to her tell about what a gift adoption is to a couple who cannot have children, and how that one act can change your life, responded, "I will never bring my girlfriend to have an abortion again. I would have kept this child, but I couldn't talk her into it." He cried as he spoke. She gave him a Rachel's hope flier and a rosary and told him that he and his girlfriend should call that number because at some point, they would need help for what they allowed to happen to their pre-born infant. She also spoke to a young African-American man (on foot) crossing the parking lot and asked him if he had a girlfriend inside the mill. Shyly he said, "Yes." He didn't want to talk, so Terry did -- all about the abortionist, effects of any abortion and most especially about black genocide and gave him a flier explaining it. That got his attention. He never moved, took everything, and the only time he spoke, he said he would go to the web site.

Earlier in the morning Roger spoke with a few people driving in the main entrance who took some information, but only listened for a short time before heading into the mill. Later, around 10, he stopped a young couple driving in with a 2-year-old child in the back seat, and a for-sale sign on the back of the car. He informed them about the abortionist's history, the risks and side affects of an abortion, and then asked her how far along she was. She was noticeably showing, and looked to be at least 3 months, maybe more. She said she didn't know. Roger showed them both a picture of a 6-week-old fetus, saying that her baby now has arms, legs, toes, etc. He asked why they were having the abortion, and the husband said because of financial problems, and that this wasn't a good time for having a baby. Roger related to them how precious and irreplaceable this child in her was, just the same as their child in the back seat. Roger pointed out the prayer warriors, and told the couple that they were all praying for her and her unborn baby right now. After more discussion about the importance of their family, and how much she would regret this later, they said they would leave and go to COLFS on Monday. However, they drove straight up to the front of the mill and parked. There they stayed for at least 20 minutes, while we all prayed, and kept an eye out for incoming cars. While we were busy with cars at the main entrance, they left out the side exit, apparently choosing not to have the abortion.

Please pray for this couple that they will continue to choose life for their unborn baby, and for "A" and for "E," that they seek post abortive healing and God's forgiveness.