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Dear Friends For Life,

According to John Rhys-Davies, "There is a demographic catastrophe happening in Europe that nobody wants to talk about, that we dare not bring up because we are so cagey about offending people racially. By 2020, 50% of the children in Holland, under the age of eighteen, will be of Muslim descent. Currently about 50 million Muslims are living in Europe, accounting for the biggest ethnic influx into modern Europe. Combine the two events of Europe's "birth dearth" and Muslim in migration, and … This is changing the very complexion of Western civilization with different cultural values, then it is something we really ought to discuss. True democracy has come from the Greco-Judeo-Christian western experience. If we lose these things, this will be a catastrophe for the world.

[Abortion Boosts Breast Cancer Risk] Here is another new study, this one if from Iran. It showed that women who have an abortion have a 193% increased risk of breast cancer, in comparison with women who carry their first pregnancy to term. This new study comes immediately following reports that Komen for the Cure gave 7.5 million dollars to Planned Parenthood abortion businesses in the United States in 2009. This new study also confirms that age increases as a risk factor for breast cancer if her first pregnancy occurs in their late 30's and 40's.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(A Thought) “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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**************************************** Newsletter #526
May 22, 2011



1. "Brain dead" woman awakes in Australian hospital
2. The "Contraceptive Mentality" and Its Consequences
3. On Age and the Dignity of the Elderly
4. Mexican bishop reiterates Church teaching on homosexuality
5. Widespread 'family breakdown' demands sweeping reforms of family law
6. Nuclear power 'monster,' Bishop warns
7. Denver to host national pro-life lawyer conference
8. Must Read: 96 Minutes Without a Heartbeat
9. Gay columnist: let's face it, we want to indoctrinate children
10. Abortion is Big Business
11. UN Bureaucrats Push Homosexual Rights Against General Assembly Wishes
12. Must read: how ethics committees are being corrupted - Nurseweek magazine

(Medical Students): "Release of radioactive water made at request of U.S." -Dr. S is an Alabama physician specializing in Emergency Medicine. He said that he almost was denied graduation for refusing to assist in abortions, and he wished that at back in 1993 he would have had this MedSFLA National Conference data and our network to stand behind him.


ITEM #1: "Brain dead" woman awakes in Australian hospital

"Hopeless" and "brain dead" are expressions which have to be used with great caution, it seems, judging from the experience of an Australian woman.


ITEM #2: The "Contraceptive Mentality" and Its Consequences

A mentality or mindset is a set of beliefs and assumptions which directs and informs the moral aspects of a person's life. Especially in our age of mass communications, mentalities of entire populations can be manufactured, propagandized and then lived out by large numbers of people - even without their being aware of it.


ITEM #3: On Age and the Dignity of the Elderly

On Friday I will celebrate the funeral of one of my oldest parishioners, Mrs. Gussie Rustin, 103 years old. Incredibly she was born in 1908. Theodore Roosevelt was President. Her husband died in 1946! She was 51 years old when my parents were married. She predated almost everything we call modern.


ITEM #4: Mexican bishop reiterates Church teaching on homosexuality

He noted that the teaching that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered is based on natural law because "(same-sex couples) do not produce genital complementarity and are not ordered towards the procreation of the human species." At the same time, he said, the Church distinguishes between homosexual acts and homosexual tendencies, the latter which "does not of itself constitute a moral disorder. The homosexual act, however, is considered a moral disorder and objectively grave sin."


ITEM #5: Widespread 'family breakdown' demands sweeping reforms of family law

"The reaffirmation of marriage as the gold standard would be a start," said Justice Coleridge. "It has proved to be the most enduring and the children of such relationships perform best."


ITEM #6: Nuclear power 'monster,' Bishop warns

Those who say atomic energy is green and safe are liars, prelate says.


ITEM #7 Denver to host national pro-life lawyer conference

Comment: Hopefully, there will be no "pre-embryo" or "pre-embryo substitutes" created for progressive legal language to "help" prolife. I see no human embryologists with the required scientific (not "medical")expertise giving presentations. Obviously, lawyers are not human embryologists. Physicians are also not human embryologists -- different course work, different degrees, etc. From where or from whom will they get their "science" of the human embryo that would be used as the starting point for any legal language adopted? From where they have always gotten it? Probably never heard of the Carnegie Stages of Early Human Embryonic Development. Oremus. -- Dr. Dianne E. Irving, Ph.D.


ITEM #8: 96 Minutes Without a Heartbeat

Comment: Actually, this incident is not unheard of. A few years ago, a friend of mine who also is an ICU nurse attended a concert with her boyfriend. He suddenly collapsed and she called for an AED (defibrillator) but the usher was confused and it took awhile to locate it. In the meantime, she did CPR and eventually a couple of doctors started to help. When the AED was located, the shock failed to restart his heart. Several more shocks were given to no effect and the doctors present wanted to give up but my nurse friend refused. Her boyfriend was transported to a nearby hospital and was discharged within days fully recovered. It seems to take awhile for medical journals to finally recognize such incidents and do the research. (Remember years ago when doctors first started trying to revive children who had drowned in icy water and were surprised by their recoveries?)

In my opinion, there is such irony in articles like this coming years after we see controversial issues like non-heartbeating organ donation (aka donation after cardiac death) defended by the experts who insist that 2 minutes without a heartbeat is enough to declare death before taking organs from such patients. Often, it seems that science is outrunning the new bioethics "certainties". -Nancy Valko, RN


ITEM #9: Gay columnist: let's face it, we want to indoctrinate children

While gay activists usually deny that they want to indoctrinate children, said Villarreal, "let's face it—that's a lie." "We want educators to teach future generations of children to accept queer sexuality. In fact, our very future depends on it," he wrote.


ITEM #10: Abortion is Big Business

If there's ample evidence that abortion is harmful to women, and ample evidence that it ends the life of a real human being, why does it remain legal? The same reason anything else that harms millions of people remains legal - there's too much money in it. Follow the money, and you always get to the dirt. ... From a strictly business perspective, it's a clever strategy. According to the Guttmacher Institute, birth control fails 2,000,000 times a year in the U.S, an 2 out of 3 women claim they were using some kind of contraception when they got pregnant.


ITEM #11: UN Bureaucrats Push Homosexual Rights Against General Assembly Wishes

The UN bureaucracy is increasing its efforts to decriminalize homosexual behavior and normalize its acceptance among member states, without governmental consent or consensus.


ITEM #12: Must read: how ethics committees are being corrupted - Nurseweek magazine

Comment: This article from Nurseweek magazine shows how medical ethic committees have become corrupted over the years. For example, conscience rights are undermined when they are not outright attacked. Note this quote: "Nurses also should understand their own value systems and set them aside when needed, because other considerations in an ethics case may trump personal beliefs." Conscience rights are not an optional "personal value system" that can just be "set aside when needed." Conscience rights are a crucial protection against the "whatever is legal (or can be legalized) is ethical" mentality that is overwhelming medical ethics.

Also note this quote: "Her hospital's committee emphasizes four pillars of ethical care: patient autonomy; beneficence, or helping others; JUSTICE, INVOLVING FAIR USE OF LIMITED RESOURCES; and nonmaleficence - the goal of doing no harm." (emphasis added) This is why "futility guidelines" have become so popular with ethics committees. This "justice" principle makes it easy to justify overruling families or patients in cases like removing tube feedings from the severely brain-injured such as Terri Schiavo and removing organs from recently injured but non-brain dead people by non-heartbeating organ donation protocols. -Nancy Valko, RN



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