Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PHILIPPINES-"Fight and prayer" on behalf of pro-life groups to stop the document on reproductive health


Manila (Agenzia Fides) - Opposition regarding the so-called RH Bill, the Document on Reproductive Health, which promotes family planning as a means of contraception and that will be taken into consideration these days at the Filipino Congress, will continue nonstop: through lectures, with pressure on members of parliament and the Oratio Imperata, a chain of daily and constant prayer. It is the result of more than 65 leaders of movements, diocesan commissions, pro-life groups held yesterday and today in Manila, which have

gathered in the capital the responsibles from all the dioceses in the country.

Rene Bullecer, a lay Catholic, head of Human Life International in the Philippines, and one of the coordinators of the meeting, told Fides: "Our battle will continue for life at all levels, both short-term initiatives, and awareness-raising activities in the long term. The mobilization in the society will go on in public squares, schools and parishes, to show that the Filipino people is with us. In addition out of 284 members of the Congress, 144 have declared themselves pro-life and have voted in our favor: this gives us hope for the comparison on political level. It must be said that 87% of parliamentarians are Catholic, so we constantly appeal to their conscience. Finally, prayer is our extra weapon: we know that God is with us and we trust in Him. Since 1999, groups of parliamentarians in Congress have tried to pass such laws, but so far they have not succeeded. "
Bullecer recalls that "the Bishops have closed dialogue with the government, denouncing the lack of sincerity and clarity, talking about 'dual channel': saying one thing and doing another. I can say that the Philippine Church, Bishops, priests and faithful, are very united on this front, as in the times of the Peaceful Revolution in 1986, and does not intend to give in. " (PA) (Agenzia Fides 05/17/2011)


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